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Printed and Embossed Anti-Copy Key


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Tactile security with a refined appearance for your packaging.

Modern-day scanners and color copiers are capable of reproducing two-dimensional designs with uncanny accuracy. That is why G&D created PEAK, a three-dimensional security feature that makes life difficult for counterfeiters of brand-name packaging. The name PEAK stands for “Printed and Embossed Anti-Copy Key”.

PEAK is produced exclusively by printing and embossing the paper or cardboard substrate of packaging. Intricate, optical, and tactile features all work together to produce a three-dimensional image that changes depending on the viewing angle.

Peak Label

The 3/2010 issue of our smart! customer magazine includes more information on our new product PEAK label.

smart! 3/2010 [PDF, 1.93 MB]
Press release PEAK Label