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G&D is the leading global solution provider when it comes to generating, storing and authenticating identities securely. This expertise has long been used in the production and safeguarding of banknotes, credit cards and passports. Even pharmaceutical companies can benefit from this expertise in the serialization of their products.

SeriTrack™ – the G&D software package for serialization management – bridges the gap between ERP production orders, between the variety of interfaces to the packaging line and workflows, and the prescribed reporting to national databases such as securPharm or China.

Simple integration of CMOs, comprehensive compatibility with industrial standards such as EPCIS and handling of very large volumes of data are as obvious to SeriTrack™ as a cost-efficient implementation and an interface to mobile devices.

For this purpose, G&D uses the most cutting-edge database technology, as used in the banknote industry. The specific requirements for the secure administration of a very large number of identities and events are collected in a White Paper, which is ready for download here: Download Center

G&D | Serialization Management <br> Pharma - SeriTrack™


Whitepaper: Pitfalls in Serialization Backends

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G&D | Serialization Management <br> Pharma - SeriTrack™

"Item tracing" – tracking of individualized products

  • Event-based storage of status changes of products along their life cycle (item disposition and business steps)
  • Compliance with the EPCIS standards
  • Aggregation and de-aggregation of products
  • Mass operations for workflows and treatment of errors and exceptional situations
  • Item queries, item history and statistical analysis
  • Blacklisting/recall of production batches

Production workflow

  • Definition of product master data
  • Extraction of production orders from the ERP
  • Generation of serial numbers and codes in accordance with the prescribed formats
  • Supply of packaging lines with codes and manufacturing information
  • Acquisition of serial number groups by office servers, e.g. in China


  • Routine analysis of the item and event data to extract the required information
  • Generation of reports in the prescribed formats
  • securPharm and China interfaces are available, and other national interfaces will be integrated in the future
  • Automatic transmission of data about the specified protocols, e.g. S-FTP


  • Management of user rights
  • Flexible definition of user roles
  • 4-eyes principle, where necessary
  • Highly secure random number generator
  • Tamper-proof audit trail for all activities
  • Detection of unauthorized serial number use
  • Serial numbers and data sets are never deleted


  • Invitation of production partners / CMOs by email
  • Continuous browser-based user interface, platform-independent
  • Optional local satellite instances
  • Mobile client for remote work steps