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G&D | Smartcards for strong authentication

The StarSign PKI Card is a well established member of Giesecke & Devrient’s StarSign family. It is seamlessly integrated in AET’s SafeSign IC middleware, another world wide established industry standard.

In conjunction with the middleware, StarSign PKI Cards are the classic solution in corporate environments for secure log-in, remote access over VPN, digital signature, document and e-mail encryption. Combined with a contactless interface, the StarSign PKI Card can also be used for physical access control, making it the all-in-one security element for any enterprise.

The StarSign PKI Card implements and utilizes standard interfaces. In most common systems (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) it does not require any additional drivers and supports all state-of-the-art host operating systems.

The StarSign PKI Card modules have been granted for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

G&D’s smartcard product range offers the following intelligent security systems:

  • StarSign PKI Cards with 80k or 144k EEPROM, powered by Sm@rtCafé Expert 6.0 – G&D ‘s newest Java-based card operating system.
  • SafeSign IC middleware of AET in bundle with StarSign PKI Cards.

Easy, efficient & flexible

StarSign PKI Cards offer a plug & play solution in any platform which supports smart cards (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS and Linux Redhat and Ubuntu). No additional drivers need to be installed.

StarSign PKI Cards are available in both contact only or contactless versions:

  • The contact-only version is well suited for PKI only use cases: digital signature, e-mail/document encryption, remote VPN connection, etc.
  • The contactless version adds physical access functions to the PKI functions: time & attendance recording, access control, etc.

Since StarSign PKI Cards are based on G&D’s most modern JavaCard-based Smart Card Operating System Sm@rtCafé Expert 6.0, they support a wide range of crypto features such as AES, RSA, elliptic curves and SHA 512.

As for any smart cards, card personalization and individualization services are available:

  • Optical personalization such as card body printing,
  • Electronic personalization such as pre-installation and configuration of PKI applications


Sm@rtCafé Expert

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G&D | Smartcards for strong authentication