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G&D | Border Control Systems

In today’s globalized society, international passenger numbers are growing by more than ten percent a year. While the Schengen Agreement has made it much easier for people to travel within the EU, international airports around the world are having to process and securely identify increasing numbers of passengers in a very short time. Efficient border controls protect the safety of passengers and air traffic and make an important contribution to the fight against international terrorism.

G&D’s Border Control Management System (BCMS), which embraces all relevant border control processes, has been developed to meet these challenging requirements. It has been specifically designed to process ICAO-compatible travel documents. These include machine-readable travel documents, e-passports and e-ID cards with chips or visas.

G&D systems automatically scan biometric data such as fingerprints and ISO facial images and compare them with the data stored on the document chip. In addition, the systems provide a comprehensive database of information about arrivals and departures or transit data. The BCMS also automatically checks the passenger’s personal data and the travel document’s expiration date. What is more, the solutions can be connected to external databases, both national and international, such as Interpol and Europol wanted lists.

Veridos GmbH

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Success stories

  • G&D | Border Control Systems


    Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship

    Supply of 650,000 electronic passports and implementation of a central personalization and border control system with database

  • G&D | Border Control Systems


    Ministry of the Interior – Department of Immigration & Emigration

    Supply of 1.5 million passports and introduction of an issuing and personalization system