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Security Is Essential In A Dynamic Business World

Cyber attacks are one of the most severe threats to companies all over the world. The current Allianz Risk Barometer confirms it: attacks from the Internet are one of the five greatest risks for companies. However, those in charge of the IT find themselves in a dilemma. Any connection to the Internet is associated with risks and may open gateways for hackers, spies, and cyber criminals. A single successful attack could have devastating consequences. Alongside data loss and legal consequences, one of the major causes of damage is the loss of reputation – and attacks are becoming more professional and targeted by the day.

On the other hand, networking makes a major contribution to the value of a company. In today's business world, companies are also rarely restricted to one single location. The various different branches need to be connected to one another and customers and suppliers are also part of the company-wide network. Not to forget the company's own employees on the move in the field. Companies are reliant on being able to access applications and company data securely from anywhere and any device. Competitive pressure and the number of statutory requirements are also growing at the same time. The newly introduced reporting obligation for security issues, among other things, means that a company's success is increasingly dependent on an ability to trust that it can provide reliable protection for sensitive data.

However, data protection and information security are not always a core competency for many companies. In an era of increasing cyber risks, they are gambling with their own reputation.

In contrast, G&D can ensure data and information security with integrated solutions for companies so that the latter can concentrate on their core business once more. With scalable security solutions for companies and service providers, G&D complies with all the security requirements of the modern dynamic business world: Identity and Access Management solutions (IAM), together with mobile access via various different channels and cloud services. G&D is also entirely capable of coping with user-oriented requirements in order to expand within the cloud, play an active part in the virtual world, and link mobile devices together. After all, traditional user identification and standard passwords just aren't enough any more.


Cyber Security Solutions

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G&D | Enterprise Security


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G&D | Enterprise Security

Secure Cloud Solutions – Focus On Business, Not Risk

Cloud computing has become part of everyday life. Almost every application can be relocated to highly scalable, automated IT platforms that can be accessed any time, any place. This ranges from storage to business-critical applications such as email, file sharing, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The benefits for companies are clear: it is easier to plan costs and the finances involved are now ongoing monthly charges rather than high initial investments. With no need to have your own hardware, company IT becomes more efficient and agile. And thanks to the cloud being available any time, users can work more flexibly from any location. With higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the new IT environment is ideally intended to be even more reliable than the traditional one.

Opportunity Comes With Risks – New Security Solutions Required

However, cloud use is associated with numerous new risks and challenges. Once companies have determined whether a cloud solution is right for them, those responsible for implementing the solution must then ensure that external service providers comply with the necessary security standards and guarantee compliance with the relevant applicable data protection regulations. Some of the most important questions include where data is to be saved and who will be granted access to these data under what circumstances.

At the same time, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have previously had to choose between reliable data security on one hand and the necessary speed and availability on the other hand, making it hard to find time for the latter.

However, G&D can offer reliable, highly scalable security solutions to both cloud users and service providers alike. The necessary level of security is ensured at all times, without a negative impact on use – whether regarding data at rest, in transit, or in use.

G&D offers robust authentication solutions to enable organizations to secure their offers consistently – including identity management and access control. This allows companies and CSPs to concentrate on their own core business, without having to keep one eye on security all the time.

Security For Employees On The Move

Mobile devices are now a fixed part of working life for many companies, which means it is no longer enough just to secure the internal company network any more. Employees on the move are carrying sensitive company data outside this fortress, which is why companies need to provide particular protection here. Many business processes and customer contacts are increasingly being handled via mobile channels. Employees expect to be able to use these options without restrictions – and companies need to react to this: we must rethink the traditional perimeter security for a more comprehensive security approach.

Companies would be well-advised to revise their mobility strategy and choose a more holistic approach to security: providing increased security, data analysis, and cloud-based services increases not only employee productivity, but also customer satisfaction.

In order to be able to access different applications and services these days, Internet users have to remember an incredible range of user names and complicated passwords – albeit without being able to rely on their security. It is therefore time to bring comfort and trust to digital authentication.

G&D offers a mobile ID as a universal, secure authentication key. By using this solution, users can call up numerous online services from e-commerce providers, banks, companies, and other service providers, confirm transactions, and sign documents – without having to remember multiple passwords.

G&D allows companies to implement concepts such as BYOD or CYOD, without compromising their own security. In this context, it doesn't matter who the devices accessing the company network belong to. Threats on the move will be prevented, while ensuring compliance with security regulations at the same time.

Access To Applications and Resources – Secure At All Times

Whether it's access to company networks in a business environment or downloading private data from the cloud – secure communication is everything in the networked world. Above all, company employees need to be able to access all necessary applications and resources at any time, from anywhere, and with any device, as quickly and easily as possible. On the other hand, there is an unavoidable need for security: access controls should ensure that valuable information remains protected and that rules are complied with at all times. However, requirements for strong authentication solutions are steadily rising – user names and passwords as the single security factors have not been enough for a long time.

Digital Identities As The Basis For Business

The solution is Identity and Access Management (IAM). This enables companies to overcome this business-critical challenge – access to vital resources across networks is guaranteed at the same time as compliance with ever-stricter security requirements. Identity and Access Management technologies make it possible to create, manage, and use digital identities throughout their entire useful life. This means that the right people have access to the required resources at the right time and for the right reasons. Web service providers can offer their customers the necessary level of security for their private applications. This creates trust in their services, thereby providing a competitive advantage.

Protection For Every Situation

G&D offers integrated authentication solutions for work, home, or on the move, helping you secure and manage digital identities both in the real and virtual world. This makes a digital lifestyle easier and more secure. With the Company ID Suite range, G&D offers strong authentication in various form factors. It also offers an innovative package for strong authentication via mobile devices – secure and easy to use.

G&D also offers options for web service providers, with a high level of protection designed to make them stand out from competitors. Furthermore, all the solutions are incredibly easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructure.

Strong Authentication

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