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G&D | M2M lifecycle management

Managing M2M solutions throughout their lifecycle presents a great technological challenge for service providers and mobile network operators. Over-the-air (OTA) management therefore requires cost-effective and successful M2M operation.

G&D offers a wide range of software for the lifecycle management of M2M SIMs and M2M modules. This includes G&D’s own applications, applications from third parties, and the basic infrastructure of M2M modules and M2M SIMs. The portfolio also covers on-demand subscription management, module identification, fraud prevention, positioning, quality management, access controls, and transaction security. The solutions can also be provided by G&D at carrier-class hoster level.

M2M Hardware

Regardless of which M2M SIM is finally chosen for the M2M solution, for certain market segments its hardware has to satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of temperature tolerance, material stress capacity, and durability. G&D offers M2M SIMs as plug-ins or as M2M SMD in SON8.

On-demand M2M registration and SIM activation with SmartTrust ODA

SmartTrust ODA allows service providers to benefit from dynamic activation and remote administration of SIM card data when the user activates the card for the first time. This avoids precious resources being tied up in inactive subscriptions and helps to optimize the SIM card logistics process, thus fulfilling the M2M requirements of mobile network operators in the best possible way.

SmartTrust ODA manages subscriptions and generic SIM cards that have already been issued but never been activated. When SmartTrust ODA recognizes that the generic SIM card is being used for the first time, it automatically activates the registration process. In this way, SmartTrust ODA spares the HLR/AUC and other service platforms from having to manage subscriptions that have never been used, thereby saving effort and license costs.

Secure management of connected M2M SIMs, devices, and their applications with G&D’s AirOn platform

Based on G&D's proven SIM products and expertise in OTA systems, we have developed a highly secure platform to efficiently manage SIMs, devices, and subscriptions Over-the-Air. The AirOn platform manages the different phases of the entire lifecycle of the SIM and the device, including activation, re-location, operation, maintenance, and de-activation. The platform covers both the backend and the SIM software, and provides a consolidated toolbox for lifecycle management.

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