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Secure Personalization in M2M business

With the advent of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication via mobile networks, there is an increasing call for an innovative SIM credentials management system. New competitors on vertical M2M markets on the one hand, and the solderability of the SON8 form factor M2M SIMs on the other are increasing the pressure to adapt existing SIM-card personalization processes to the new requirements for the M2M value chain.

Network access secrets are exceedingly confidential information in a mobile network. G&D therefore places great importance on protecting this sensitive data in the ecosystem. The company’s many years of expertise with personalization processes in various fields, including sensitive data management, are a solid basis for the development and management of innovative and effective SIM personalization processes.

The manufacturing processes established by G&D for SIM cards critically depend on the total security of the production environment. It is precisely this controlled production environment that is used for certain stages of SIM credentials management. The SIM identification is then controlled via remote management as part of the issuance process. SIM credentials management therefore fulfills all “conventional system characteristics”, including absolute security, high availability, robustness, scalability, and user-friendliness.


More about the M2M market in smart! 1/2010

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