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M2M: Machine communication via the mobile network

SIM-card-based machine to machine communication, or M2M, shows great potential for the future. That is why it is gaining ground in an increasing number of sectors: from medicine through logistics and transport, from retail all the way to the automotive industry. G&D’s M2M solution portfolio helps service providers and mobile network operators to configure their M2M business model successfully and dynamically.

M2M communication is the automated exchange of data between machines, installations, individual modules, and entire systems - all without additional human intervention. It is used for transmission of measurements and readings by SMS, GPRS, and UMTS, for radio transmission of consumption data, and for accessing and controlling machines remotely.

The quick and cost-effective data transmission now provided by mobile networks in particular has given M2M communication an even greater boost, while a standardized SIM card in the M2M devices provides network independence. G&D covers the whole M2M value chain:

  • “On-demand activation” (ODA) of integrated M2M SIM cards
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) management of SIM applications
  • Smart roaming solutions
  • Services based on quality of service
  • Management of digital signatures for smart performance data
  • Transmission of the appropriate network access data to M2M devices from a backend system.

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G&D | Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions

M2M lifecycle management

Lifecycle management of M2M solutions is an imperative basic requirement for cost-effective and successful M2M operation.

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G&D | Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions

M2M SIM credential management

The management of high-security network access data is an important component of M2M solutions.

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Eurosmart White Paper on M2M

The document provides an extensive overview of the market, analyzes the market segments, and gives examples of applications and use cases (Status as of 2009).

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G&D | Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions


More about the M2M market in smart! magazine 1/2010

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