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Mobile reality: simple, secure, and trustworthy

G&D | Mobile Authentication

The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has heralded a new era in mobile communication. In 2013, there are already 1.2 million of these devices around the world. Today users can access different services and contents—whether private or business—practically anywhere. Cyber criminals are stepping up their interest in particularly sensitive data, while the security of mobile applications is still limping far behind the standard attained on PCs. Banking and payment applications in particular, or the rising number of mobile company applications and services, require specific security mechanisms to protect them against malware.

Secure applications in a secure environment

With its many years’ experience, G&D is one of the leading companies driving innovation in the field of the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). In this “secure environment,” sensitive data, keys, or content for the applications are securely transferred, stored, and run on the main processor of mobile devices.

G&D | Mobile Authentication

What G&D offers

As part of its role as Trusted Service Manager (TSM), G&D is responsible for the entire Over-the-Air (OTA) lifecycle, enabling dynamic installation, updates, and secure execution. This means that customized end-to-end security solutions can be offered, not only strengthening users’ trust in the new services, but also contributing to their success and widespread use, through the users’ increased acceptance.

As a trusted service manager, G&D offers secure services and applications for companies, banks, and financial service providers, as well as mobile network operators. Discover more about what G&D has to offer on the following pages.



TEE - Trusted Service Manager

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G&D | Mobile Authentication

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G&D | Mobile Authentication


Thanks to protected services, employees can flexibly work with their private mobile devices while out and about. G&D guarantees the security of business data, and mobile access to company applications and services.

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G&D | Mobile Authentication

Banks and financial service providers

Banking is becoming ever more mobile. The offer of innovative mobile services plays an ever more important role for customer relations.

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