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The world of urban mobility is changing every day. New systems and technologies are being introduced in cities across the globe to improve the passenger experience, manage mass crowds, increase throughput and decrease costs.

Mobile devices have become an integral part of modern life, and public transport is expected to adapt to changing consumer lifestyles. Single solutions are not sufficient; multimodal offerings are expected. Major cities are starting to digitize their public transit systems which will lead to a wide range of mobility services.

Different technologies, and form factors paired with high complexity will come into play. This poses a huge challenge in terms of understanding and picking out the right future-proof solutions.

G+D Mobile Security supports transit operators and agencies in tackling the upcoming challenges: adapting to customers’ increasingly mobile lifestyles, increasing consumer choice and engagement, accommodating and keeping pace with new, emerging technologies, and decreasing costs associated with fare collection.

Our offering capitalizes on our extensive experience in transit, automatic fare collection, contactless solutions, access control, payment security, authentication, mobile devices and applications, and secure identity management.

In addition to this in-depth experience, G+D provides new technologies and innovations in the mobility space to make your business future-proof. It is not just ticketing that we have a deep understanding of, but also the whole mobility ecosystem from connected cars to app economy.

Our experience and innovation makes G+D the right partner for public transport providers, to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

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