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Unique end-to-end solution


Currency Management Solutions Team

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Process design and room layout

Large resort casinos usually take in various currencies at each of their operations. Traditionally these receipts used to be processed at different in-house locations, involving the typical downsides of manual handling, moving boxes around, coordination, and wait times. With the availability of high-speed counting and sorting solutions, all cash processes can now be consolidated into one.

Integrated and centralized solution

G&D | Trends and Insights | Casino Solutions | Unique end-to-end solution
Count room at a large casino: Optimized workflow and fully automated process, including bundling and packaging

With an innovative end-to-end solution, banknotes are counted, identified and authenticated, then sorted by denomination, series, orientation, and fitness for circulation – all in a single run. Gaming tickets are processed in the same run. As an important extra, used player cards and table chips can be shredded if required.

The system produces customized, intelligent reports which management and accounting can access at any given time, since cash processing is integrated with the casino’s back-office systems. To check on the progress of cash operations, managers and supervisors just need to log in to the server from wherever they are.

The integrated solution is rounded off by customized process design and count room layout. Reasons are obvious: Even the most powerful equipment can only achieve optimal results when combined with smooth and efficient workflows.

Customized process design and room layout

Effects on quality and efficiency are amazing. According to past years’ experience, processes become up to three times faster, and at the same time much more accurate and secure. The number of single operation drops, freeing up resources that can be dedicated to other tasks.

Once more, with an up-to-the-minute view of the progress of each operation, managers and supervisors stay abreast of developments. This enables them to make the quick and effective decisions often required in day-to-day business.