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Ensuring the perfect fit


Currency Management Solutions Team

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In-depth analysis of requirements

Each casino is unique; each has its specific requirement. While a smaller casino might do perfectly well with a desktop solution and the matching software, a large casino processing high cash volumes will typically need full automation to achieve optimal throughput. Each casino needs a solution that fits.

A well-planned project will begin with an in-depth analysis, asking questions such as: Where are we now? What are our plans for the future? What challenges do we need to solve? It is important to record stakeholder requirements at every stage of the cash process and to cover all elements that influence the efficiency of cash processing.

Based on this analysis, a profile of the casino's individual cash processing needs is set up and a customized solution is developed covering all essential components: workflows, required equipment, room layout, software, and connectivity. Our solution architects usually develop a set of alternative concepts and discuss the pros and cons of each with the casino’s management. Modular and scalable design ensures that the solution installed will accommodate future developments.

The requirement analysis is structured by three areas:

  • Pre-Processing
    • Count room layout
    • Count room workflows
    • Drop schedule
    • Personnel analysis
    • Cash points processed (slots, tables, kiosk/ATM, non-gaming)
    • Preparation
    • Policies & procedures
  • Processing Evaluation
    • Process analysis
    • -Volume analysis
    • Equipment analysis
    • Personnel allocation
    • Software integration
    • Regulation requirements
  • Post-Processing Evaluation
    • Count & verification analysis
    • Packaging requirements
    • Report analysis & requirements
    • Auditing requirements
    • Destruction requirements (player cards, table chips, TITO tickets)