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A migration and its challenges

The status of EMV migration varies widely from country to country. Many European countries have already migrated fully to EMV cards, Canada, Mexico, and Australia are currently in the process.

In the USA, a few banks with smaller portfolios have already migrated, particularly to offer their customers an internationally accepted card. Despite this, the magnetic strip continues to dominate, but this should change soon. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover have incentivized migration by transferring liability for fraud beginning in 2015 to those still using magnetic strip technology – in all probability, fraud might be ultimately avoided if both card and terminal were equipped with a chip.

In India, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has developed RuPay as its own payment scheme, also supported by the Reserve Bank of India. India, therefore, wants to achieve an inclusion of both citizens and banks in the financial system, amongst other things. In the foreseeable future, India will nevertheless migrate to EMV – many banks are already pursuing EMV projects with Visa or MasterCard in order to enable global card payments for India’s growing middle class.

The People’s Bank of China, as China’s Central Bank, and China Union Pay are forging ahead with the launch of chip cards through commercial banks. UnionPay is China’s only card company and is currently the world’s largest payment scheme in terms of card numbers. Both have developed a Chinese technology and security standard for chip cards with the PBOC standard. This “Chinese EMV” is broadly similar to the EMV standard common in other regions.

A complex process with the highest security requirements

To enable the USA, India, China and all other countries to manage a project as complicated as the switch to EMV cards successfully, G&D has invested on a large scale in new personalization facilities. For example, a state-of-the-art facility already certified by Visa and MasterCard was opened in Chennai, India, in 2012. G&D has also extended its facility in Twinsburg, Ohio, and thus has large production capacity in the USA, as well as in Mexico and Canada.

Globally, G&D has already advised and supported clients in over 50 countries with EMV migration. G&D offers banks a prompt, consistent, and seamless service with a complete solution including both products and services. This makes G&D a one-stop provider able to take care of migration as well as full implementation.

This includes, for example, the entire key and data management process, personalization, packing, and shipping. G&D can also advise the bank on system integration, project management, and technical issues. An online portal allows banks to provide information for the production process and to manage their product lifecycles with configurable applications around the clock and from anywhere in the world. This allows G&D to offer the highest level of physical and logical security for the management of sensitive data together with the required level of security and confidence.

Success Stories

  • G&D | Migration and Services

    Banco Santander

    G&D supports Banco Santander and several subsidiaries of the Santander Group with its EMV services.

  • G&D | Migration and Services

    Royal Bank of Scotland

    G&D took over the bank’s delivery and personalization of Visa and MasterCard cards.

  • G&D | Migration and Services


    G&D produced and personalized EMV cards for Banesco’s Mexican arm.

  • G&D | Migration and Services


    G&D was commissioned by the German bank Landesbank Baden-Württemberg to equip the German Olympics team with Visa payWave credit cards.

  • G&D | Migration and Services

    China Construction Bank

    G&D advised the CCB on launching chip cards, handled card production, and provided a personalization system.

  • G&D | Migration and Services


    G&D produced and pre-personalized MasterCard debit cards for Capitec in South Africa, which then personalized and issued the cards in its branches.

  • G&D | Migration and Services

    HDFC Bank

    G&D delivered not only EMV chip cards to HDFC in India but also handled personalization services and the entire project management process.

  • G&D | Migration and Services


    G&D delivered to Bankia Spain dual-interface cards for contactless and contact-based payment.

  • G&D | Migration and Services


    G&D produced and personalized EMV cards for customers of Banesto, the Spanish bank.

  • G&D | Migration and Services


    Mexican bank Banamex relied on G&D to produce numerous chip cards for its migration.

  • G&D | Migration and Services

    Bank of China

    G&D advised the BOC on the launch of chip cards, produced the cards, and delivered a personalization system.

  • G&D | Migration and Services


    G&D delivered, produced, and personalized numerous Visa debit cards for FIMPE (Mexico).