G&D | A long circulation life saves costs

Economics of Hybrid


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An innovation that really pays off

In Hybrid, we have developed a product that we are particularly proud of, as it incorporates attributes that long seemed to be incompatible: tried and tested security and a considerably extended service life. Its longevity not only brings about an improvement in performance, it also provides cost benefits. Since G&D supports central banks in their efforts to leverage potential cost savings, Hybrid is an innovation that is really paying off.

G&D | A long circulation life saves costs

When the central bank issues a new banknote, the quantity of Hybrid banknotes required in the first year alone is considerably less than that of cotton banknotes. Due to the greater durability of the substrate, central banks then only need half as many banknotes made with Hybrid in the following years as they would cotton notes (see graph 1).

G&D | A long circulation life saves costs

Hybrid is therefore an investment that provides a return within a short timeframe. For central banks of medium-sized countries, the additional costs of Hybrid banknotes are recouped in just two years and everything thereafter is profit. After a circulation period of ten years, Hybrid banknotes achieve a saving of approximately 20 percent compared with cotton banknotes (see graph 2).