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What G&D Can Do for Mobile Network Operators


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So that network operators can develop and operate their LTE networks simply, securely, and efficiently, G&D has developed a global LTE solution for managing subscribers that is open and interoperable. It comprises a platform for over-the-air (OTA) SIM management, LTE SIM cards, and applications. On top of network optimization, G&D also offers additional products and solutions that can help to manage devices and users, for instance for roaming.

OTA platform

The OTA-based server platform forms the backbone of our global solution. Mobile network operators can use it to manage subscriptions and devices across different access technologies such as 2G, and to keep SIM card software, data, and applications on their LTE networks up to date. Since LTE uses a fully IP-based flat network, this leads to large savings in investments and operational costs thanks to the reduction in network nodes and the re-use of existing commercial IP technology. MNOs also benefit from the advantages of the IP-based mass updates that LTE offers. Larger volumes of data can be transferred much more efficiently than by SMS, and it is much easier to reach temporarily unavailable users.

G&D’s OTA platform already manages 1.8 billion SIM cards and almost one in every three cell phone users around the world.

SIM cards for LTE

LTE SIM cards authenticate the user in the mobile network, as previously. In addition, they meet the requirement for a secure and globally available identity, for which simple authentication via user name and password is not sufficient. This is where the LTE SIM card demonstrates its strengths as a secure element with NFC or other security-sensitive value-added services. The network operator therefore becomes a service provider, renting secure memory in this “safe”.

LTE services

Thanks to its IP-based architecture, recognized by the Internet, LTE can offer new and improved SIM applications. Network operators can use these to create value-added services for their users that are independent of the device used. This includes smart updates through polling and dual IMSI. Among other things, this allows users to switch between work and private profiles without having to change the SIM card - an extremely practical application in these days of “bring your own device”.


Our solution enables network operators to provide an optimum roaming service and meet current as well as future roaming management demands. It uses a procedure patented by G&D, ensuring that roaming subscribers are always connected with the preferred available networks and access technologies. Users obtain the best possible network coverage in their area and can use their devices without outages in the roaming service.