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Product Launch on the Banknote Conference 2016


Banknote Solutions Team

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G&D and Louisenthal, end-to-end provider of products, services, and solutions for banknote production and processing, attended the Banknote Conference 2016 in Washington, D.C. from 23 to 26 May. The focus of the companies' appearance at this year's conference was the launch of the banknote security foil RollingStar LEAD and the security thread Galaxy, both of which are based on micromirror technology. A third product, RollingStar Registered, integrates the window thread into the design of the paper and enables identical looking windows and 3D elements to be incorporated into every banknote.

RollingStar LEAD

RollingStar LEAD is a sophisticated banknote security foil that facilitates rapid authentication with its variety of eye-catching optically variable effects. The animated security strip catches the eye straight away and opens a new dimension of micro-mirror-based foil elements. Read more

RollingStar Registered and Galaxy Security Thread

RollingStar Registered enables a design in which the thread is integrated into the banknote's overall concept and certain images can be assigned to the windows without any restriction to the dynamic color effects. Galaxy, the most recent security solution from Louisenthal, enables design elements to be presented in 3D for the first time. The combination with dynamic effects means that the security feature is easily perceptible and therefore ensures rapid and unambiguous authentication. Read more