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G+D Spotlight Podcast: How CBDCs work


Central banks worldwide are exploring the launch of new forms of digital money. However, to many end consumers, the concept of a CBDC is still unknown. In our Spotlight podcast, we talk to Tanja Hessdörfer, Head of Sales for CBDC at G+D. She explains how CBDCs work, why you don’t need internet access to use them and how European citizens could benefit from a digital euro.

In October 2023, the European Central Bank (ECB) will decide whether to launch a preparation phase to develop and test a Digital Euro. That makes the ECB part of a larger, global trend: around the world, more than 100 countries are already exploring a central bank digital currency (CBDC). But at the same time, many end consumers either haven’t heard of CBDC – or struggle to identify the benefits of a CBDC for their personal life.

In our G+D Spotlight Podcast, we talk to Tanja Hessdörfer, Head of Sales and Business Development CBDC at G+D. As G+D is already piloting CBDC in several countries, she has the answers on the most urgent questions: what’s in it for the end consumer? Will a CBDC replace cash? Do I need online access? And what about data privacy?

Have fun listening to the podcast!

Published: 19/06/2023

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