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eGovernment – facts, figures and the future

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Just as banking has become eBanking and commerce has become eCommerce, governments are increasingly turning into eGovernment. Which countries are setting benchmarks, leading the world with modern processes that save citizens and governments time and effort?

Countries which are setting benchmarks in eGovernment digital services
  1. "How Estonia became an eGovernment powerhouse," TechRepublic, 2019

  2. "Kosovo goes mobile," Veridos, 2020

  3. Etax, Seoul Metropolitan Government & Shinhan Bank, 2019

  4. "Government 4.0 – the public sector in the digital age," McKinsey, 2018

  5. "The top 10 digital governments," Enterprise IoT Insights, 2018

  6. "India has been collecting eye scans and fingerprint records from every citizen," Time, 2018

  7. "eGovernment benchmark 2019," Publications Office of the European Union, 2019

  8. "Public sector digital transformation: a quick guide," Parliament of Australia, 2019

  9. "Government artificial intelligence readiness index 2019," Oxford Insights, 2019

  10. "From one-stop shop to no-stop shop," ScienceDirect, 2019

  11. Statista, 2020

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