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Our Responsibility

G+D actively advocates for ecological and socially sustainable development. We want to further intensify our commitment and gradually transform our company.

We are living in a period of major societal and ecological challenges. Companies are able to create important momentum but have to be prepared to adapt and to continuously evolve. G+D is aware of its responsibility, and actively lives up to it. We see change processes as an opportunity to address problems and provide solutions.

New sustainability strategy for G+D

As part of our strategy development, in 2021 we set ourselves a new and far-reaching goal: We want to be the leading sustainable company in our market segments. We actively contribute to preserving our planet and a society worth living in.

New organizational structures for more sustainability

Our sustainability strategy is based on the three pillars Environment, Social and Governance, referred to collectively as ESG criteria. We established the Corporate Sustainability team, which reports directly to the CEO. In addition, the CEO leads the ESG Committee, which specifies cornerstones of the ESG strategy and has rights to veto business decisions where they conflict with our sustainable development goals.

ESG: The three pillars of our sustainability strategy

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Under the pillar “Environment", we bring together our commitment to climate and environmental protection as well as the conservation of resources. We continuously improve our portfolio to make our products more sustainable and “green”.

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The pillar “Social” covers health and safety at work, diversity, equal opportunities and lifelong learning and development, as well as our societal engagement.

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 The pillar “Governance” is concerned with responsible and future-fit corporate management.

Our contribution to the SDGs

Alongside ESG criteria the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations form an important point of reference for our sustainability commitment. In particular, G+D contributes to nine out of 17 SDGs.

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