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Border control gets more efficient with eKiosks

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The increase in numbers of people traveling worldwide requires new innovations and technologies to make all the elements of travel more convenient and secure. This has particular relevance for border control. Unmanned eKiosks can help streamline the process for everyone.

Border control is an important element of international travel. Border authorities, airports, and airlines are examining ways to make the passenger journey smoother, processing travelers quickly and efficiently across borders and through passport control, while still maintaining the level of security the concerned authorities require.

The innovative eKiosk

One new technology that contributes to a seamless traveler experience at borders is the self-service kiosk, where passports can be scanned digitally. Biometric data such as facial imaging and fingerprints can be captured with secure software and work as reliable customer authentication solutions. Indeed, this is getting more widespread as ports of entry move toward the completely digital processing of travelers.

Of course, some borders still offer the option of either passing through an eGate or a manually staffed control booth. Eventually, however, border control will move toward more automation throughout the process, making for a much more convenient, seamless user experience.1

In the European Union, the European Commission has committed to establishing an Entry-Exit System (EES)2 for third-country nationals, to help improve the efficiency of the Schengen Area’s border controls. The EES allows member states to process increasing numbers of passengers seamlessly, while reinforcing security at the same time. The new system will also examine dates of entry into the Schengen Area and help to identify visa overstays.

For the border authority, the benefits of automating and digitalizing border control include streamlining passenger flow, with biometric data captured and verified efficiently and securely. For passengers, kiosks are easy to use, and they save time. Travelers don’t have to wait in line for their passports to be manually checked and stamped.

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In areas that still use manual border control, self-kiosks can be used to pre-enroll/pre-register the traveler’s data, passport, and biometrics, thus verifying the individual’s identity before they are actually processed by a border guard at a screening booth.

The VeriCHECK SelfKiosk from Veridos is one example of such a kiosk. It is an innovative solution that offers seamless self-service registration as part of border control and border migration processing. It can be used at airports, land borders, and sea ports, making the border entry process more convenient and secure.

Biometrics and more

The VeriCHECK SelfKiosk is designed to capture all of the required biometric data in an easy and user-friendly way. Its integrated camera captures and verifies the facial image of the passenger, while its fingerprint reader does the same with fingerprints. It also has a scanner that reads and verifies the passenger’s passport.

All that data links with back-end security databases to verify the information and documents presented. The system is fully General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

A unique feature of the VeriCHECK SelfKiosk is that it can automatically adjust to the height of the individual to capture a full facial image, making it easier for wheelchair users or families with children to utilize. Another innovative design of the VeriCHECK SelfKiosk is that it can protect against fraud by using Presentation Attack Detection (PAD), which detects the “liveness” of the user, ensuring that the individual is not using a photograph, mask, or fake fingerprints.

It is also interactive, and can provide intuitive user guidance. It can ask the passenger to answer certain questions using a touch screen, for example, or guide them through the larger process. 

Smart design

The SelfKiosk has a compact design with a small overall footprint. It does not require much floor space. It is easy to install, and its state-of-the-art design is modular; the biometric devices can be changed and other devices integrated. It can also be customized for a specific customer.

Each SelfKiosk can integrate with a supervision and monitoring station. A supervisor can see the activity from a remote location and control multiple kiosks at the same time, streamlining the management process without the need for extra employees.

The VeriCHECK SelfKiosk has many other applications apart from border control. It can be used during pre-registration for a new driving license, for example. It can also be used for document verification for ePassports or ID cards.

  1. “Technical Guide for Border Checks on Entry/Exit System (EES) related equipment,” European Border and Coast Guard Agency, 2021


Published: 05/01/2023

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