A woman’s hand showing G+D Mobile Security with her mobile which allows customers to scan a generic eSIM activation code from any promotional ad to directly download an eSIM for their new MNO and instantly complete the registration.
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eSIM mobile connectivity by scanning

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Getting a new mobile contract from an MNO traditionally always took time – either by going to a POS to register or waiting for a SIM card ordered online to be shipped. Gone are the days when you had to wait – now all it takes is a few clicks.

Imagine scanning a generic eSIM voucher from a promotional advert and directly downloading an eSIM for a new MNO, and then being able to register digitally on the phone itself within a few minutes. Global mobile service provider DENT Wireless, using the eSIM management service AirOn from G+D Mobile Security, has made this dream a reality.

G+D’s new “Universal eSIM Voucher” allows the user to scan a generic eSIM activation (QR) code from any promotional billboard, flyer, or web ad, directly download an eSIM, and instantly finish registration, including ID verification if required – the entire process can be easily completed on a smartphone. What starts with easy sign-up, continues as an entirely intuitive and satisfying customer experience. The quick and easy onboarding process even empowers users to be able to subscribe temporarily – for example, when traveling, while at a conference, or to overcome temporary network coverage issues.

Control and flexibility

DENT Wireless uses the AirOn eSIM management service and earlier this year gained new subscribers with the new Universal eSIM Voucher. Users downloaded a DENT eSIM on their eSIM-enabled smartphone by simply scanning the QR code from an online ad. After installation, customers received 1GB of free data that could be used in up to 125 countries, providing extra convenience for international travelers.

G+D is a market and thought leader in eSIM management, having deployed the first working eSIM management platform in the world in 2011, which is now used in over 200 G+D customer installations worldwide. The Universal eSIM Voucher solution is an exciting new component of G+D’s eSIM management service AirOn, which ultimately results in simple and convenient eSIM-powered solutions for mass markets. This will revolutionize the widespread use of eSIMs for smarter connectivity.

Published: 14/08/2020

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