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Digitize your processes with eSIM management

eSIM management is more than the evolution of SIM cards from the physical to the virtual: It is one of the technologies that will have the greatest impact on the IoT and push its acceptance significantly. With a solid and reliable management solution for embedded subscriber identity modules in place, mobile network operators (MNOs) are well positioned to be key enablers of the exploding IoT market. In addition MNOs can create new and convenient consumer device journeys.

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We support all consumer and IoT use cases with our AirOn360® eSIM management platform as well as through our broad portfolio of eUICCs and secure SIM operating systems (SIM OS). Our offering also includes device-related remote lifecycle management products and value-added services, such as remote file and applet Management, Mobile Device Management, Quality of Service Monitoring, Mobile Analytics, and Roaming Steering.


What is eSIM technology?

Fueled by an increasing need for IoT deployments in the age of digital transformation, the eSIM management concept has been developed more than a decade ago. New cellular devices, such as connected cars or sensors entered the market which needed embedded SIM (eSIM) cards to allow more robust solutions, smaller designs or increased battery life. But to keep the flexibility, the lack of removable SIM cards required a new solution of over-the-air (OTA) programmable SIM cards. The eSIM - also known as - subscription management solution was born.

eSIM management includes two main components:

  • The physical SIM card embedded in the device, which features eSIM-specific functionalities.
  • The eSIM management platform which allows the remote SIM provisioning (RSP). MNO specific eSIM profiles can be easily loaded, replaced or removed over-the-air to simplify the connectivity management of the mobile device.


The eUICC is the SIM hardware that can be personalized remotely with the network operator’s credentials. Contrary to a traditional SIM card (UICC), an eUICC contains a specific operating system, which allows the download or management of MNO specific credentials – the so called eSIM profile – over-the-air.

Even though eUICCs are typically a soldered chip, they can have any form factor, e.g. physical nano SIM, SMD (Surface Mounted Device) or even integrated SIM (iSIM).

Security of eSIMs

The eSIM ecosystem offers an equivalent level of security and protection to that provided by the removable SIM card. The protocols are based on state-of-the-art cryptographic mechanisms and secure the privacy of the end user. A public key infrastructure (PKI) governed by the GSMA provides a secure authentication of the entities of the ecosystem. Manufacturers or providers of eSIM solutions have to undergo GSMA certification in order to be admitted into the ecosystem.

eSIM management for Consumer, Enterprise and the IoT

Since we delivered the world’s first commercial eSIM solution to AT&T in 2012, the adoption of eSIM technology has developed tremendously. It started in the IoT and automotive area and has now been widely established in the global enterprise and consumer markets. All major manufacturers today offer eSIM devices, from IoT sensors, cars, laptops, to smartwatches and smartphones. First mass market devices, such as the iPhone 14 in the US even use eSIM only. eSIM will help to improve and fully digitize processes to save time and money as well as to offer new use cases and increase customer satisfaction.

Mobile Network Operators benefit from eSIM management in many ways

  • New business: convenient, remote, and instant customer registration leads to innovative new use cases, for example for travelers
  • Revenue growth: higher levels of eSIM adoption in consumer IoT increases sales of multi-device plans
  • Cost savings: end-to-end digital process eases logistics and allows fast and inexpensive customer acquisition
  • Attractive devices: eSIM technology facilitates innovative, slim, sleek but also robust mobile device designs
  • Customer satisfaction: easy and fully digital customer onboarding
  • More customers: flexible and easy-to-use connectivity results in new Industrial IoT customers

To empower customers which these advantages, our AirOn360® eSIM management platform provides a G+D managed end-to-end service for mobile carriers which is fully compliant with and certified by the GSMA. It is interoperable and supports all GSMA-compliant eUICCs and eSIM management use cases across various device classes. It offers:

  • High availability: Geo redundant service with the highest availability
  • High performance: Market proven service to cover peak download requirements
  • 5G readiness: End-to-end 5G eSIM management solution
  • Scalability: Fully scalable services based on business needs
  • Compatibility: Support of all GSMA standards SGP.02, SGP.22 and SGP.31
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Graphic with arrows icon and text: scalable service which also handles high peaks
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Trust the market leader in eSIM management

With our proven, award-winning, future-proof eSIM management solution, mobile operators securely manage the lifecycle of cellular subscriptions. AirOn360® from G+D enables them to address the consumer, enterprise and IoT markets alike.

Consumers benefit from a convenient and fully digital user experience. This enables entirely new customer acquisition journeys for further target groups. eSIM technology also fosters the development of innovative and attractive consumer device types, which in turn increases the demand for multi-device contracts.

Enterprises maintain a large number of connected devices, typically smartphones, laptops, and tablets. In an enterprise environment, these devices entrusted to employees still need to be managed by the company. Our Management Service allows enterprises to remotely manage employee mobile connectivity with flexibility.

Today, the fastest growing sector is Industrial IoT (IIoT), which includes sensors, processors, systems, and platforms used by businesses to create greater operational efficiencies. IoT devices, such as sensor modules, logistics tracking systems, and manufacturing equipment take advantage of mobile connectivity and typically use eSIMs. Embedded subscriber identity modules make the rollout and lifecycle management of these sensors straightforward and efficient.

We are the market leader – and thought leader – in eSIM management. With a wealth of experience in securing connectivity, we serve customers with the highest demands as a trusted partner and pioneer for all challenges posed by the Internet of Things. G+D deployed the world’s first working eSIM management platform in 2012. We manage the majority of commercial eSIM deployments globally and provide most of the eUICCs in consumer devices. Our eSIM management platform AirOn360® is compliant with GSMA RSP specifications for both consumer and M2M/IoT use cases. In addition, our solution provides extended functionality that has proven invaluable in commercial deployments. It also leads customers to re-engineer the end-user experience, generate more revenue, lower costs, and differentiate themselves in the market.

A poster by Kaleido Intelligence that announces G+D as the Leading Champion in eSIM Remote SIM Provisioning

G+D scores #1 vendor for eSIM Management

G+D is officially again a Kaleido Champion for its eSIM subscription management solution. The motivation from Kaleido reads: “G+D remains a leading player on the market for eSIM Subscription Management capabilities and counts a significant number of both eSIMs under management in addition to devices deployed with its eUICC OS. Over the past year, it has highlighted innovative work in the context of SGP.32 as well as SGP.42, while the overall solution is supplemented with a considerable range of professional services capabilities and VAS”.

eSIM highlights and features

Dual eSIM

With increased mobility, the preference to operate multiple mobile contracts concurrently is more pertinent than ever. Many users have a private and a business subscription/number, each requiring a separate SIM card. In the past, this was handled by devices with two separate plugin SIM slots. Now, most eSIM enabled devices contain one plugin SIM slot and one eSIM, which already saves space and eliminates the second physical SIM.

The new solution “Dual eSIM” is an important step forward. Dual eSIM devices use two independent eSIMs at the same time; the device(s) utilize a single soldered-in SIM, called an eUICC, enabling the support of two active eSIMs in parallel. Since the two physical SIM slots can be replaced/removed, devices can be designed that are smaller and more durable against environmental influences. The security surrounding eSIM further provides safeguards against devices being stolen and repurposed.

Entitlement Server

More and more eSIM-connected devices are being introduced, allowing mobile operators to offer convenient services such as easy activation flows, synchronization of all devices, sharing the same phone number or seamless eSIM transfer. This is where the Entitlement Server (ES) comes into play.

An ES enables mobile operators to authorize and provision end-user devices for network services. It configures the devices to use the network and its services based on the user contract. If you want to use Apple Watches on your mobile network, an ES is even a mandatory requirement. Our Entitlement Service is an out-of-the-box, end-to-end solution that supports the latest OEM specifications, including all Apple devices, and easily integrates with carrier backend systems.

Discovery Service

eSIM management enables new, fully digital user journeys. eSIM profiles can be seamlessly installed on a device with only minimal user interaction. This is very convenient for activating consumer IoT devices without their own display, but also for any other eSIM-enabled device such as smartphones or tablets. The GSMA eSIM Discovery Service provides this frictionless customer experience in and out of the store.

Our AirOn360® eSIM management solution is connected to the GSMA Discovery Service. Standardized by the GSMA, the solution is already supported by the majority of eSIM devices on the market. The use case is straightforward: the device’s eUICC Identifier (EID) is matched with an eSIM profile – for example, by simply scanning the EID in the store or warehouse. Later, when switched on for the first time, the device seamlessly acquires the linked eSIM profile and connects to the mobile network.

Products & solutions

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eSIM Onboarding

The process for SIM activation and subscription needs a consumer-friendly way. Dependent on the customer journey and target device, various eSIM onboarding methods could be made available.

People working together using eSIM Device Enablement Service
eSIM Device Enablement Service (eDES)

Mobile devices in an enterprise increase efficiency and productivity, but managing their mobile connectivity is complicated. The eSIM Device Enablement Service (eDES) is a simple and secure solution for enterprises that want to centrally manage their many mobile devices.

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Green eSIM

G+D’s eSIM technology is a win for producers, consumers, and the environment. Thanks to its fully digital nature, this management technology saves money, resources, and CO₂ emissions.

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AirOn360® Entitlement Server

Drive the best customer experience through our revolutionary Entitlements solution, which gets you up and running within weeks, and all at little cost.

More insights into eSIM

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100 million eSIM activations

G+D reaches the 100 million mark in consumer eSIM downloads

G+D has announced that it has reached the milestone of 100 million consumer eSIM downloads. Read more about the future of eSIM technology and G+D's role in it on our press release.

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Time to adopt the eSIM

Apple’s move to an eSIM-only strategy with the iPhone 14 in the USA makes it clear that mobile network operators need to move in that direction as well.

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eSIM or pluggable SIM: which is the greener choice

Independent research confirms that the all-digital eSIM has a significantly lower carbon footprint than its traditional physical equivalent.

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