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Future-proofed connectivity

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Connected living is here to stay, from basic mobile solutions to hyperconnectivity between devices. Now tech incubator hubraum is offering uncomplicated access to flexible connectivity within the world of consumer IoT, using new eSIM technology.

As developments in automation technology progressively offer exciting opportunities for OEMs and newly established companies, an increasing number have come to rely on connectivity for their devices. From secure alarm systems and connected bikes, to mobile baby trackers and smartwatches for children and elderly people – developing a secure, new connected IoT device is a complex undertaking.

This demand for connectivity in mobile devices is the specific focus of "hubraum," a tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG). Focused on innovation and the creation of new business opportunities, hubraum offers a flexible, easy-to-integrate solution using eSIM technology.

With DTAG as the mobile network operator (MNO), and using G+D Mobile Security’s AirOn solution, OEMs and consumer IoT startups can easily run initial eSIM tests and gain experience. As far as possible, a seamless transition to a comprehensive, commercial eSIM management solution can be ensured.

Frank Seckelmann, Global Account Management at Giesecke+Devrient, has identified a keen interest within the market for this kind of secure, connected solution. "We specifically address the needs of smaller, upcoming companies for uncomplicated access to flexible connectivity," he confirms.

“We specifically address the needs of smaller, upcoming companies for uncomplicated access to flexible connectivity“
Frank Seckelmann
Global Account Management, G+D

Indeed, the "hubraum" project is an excellent example of how G+D, collaborating with an established MNO, can successfully position itself in the important growth market of consumer IoT.

Published: 19/05/2020

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