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IoT management with remote SIM provisioning technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the biggest game changer ever. It drives digitization in multiple areas and empowers sustainability improvements on a global scale. Industrial IoT – an environment where interconnected instruments and other devices are networked with industrial applications, including manufacturing and energy management – is one of its fastest-growing sectors. The IoT is an incredibly broad field in which an extremely large number of devices can be networked. Sensors, processors, software, systems, and platforms are used by businesses to create greater operational efficiencies and new revenue streams.

How eSIM and iSIM enable future-proof IoT connectivity management

IoT devices, logistics tracking systems, and manufacturing equipment take advantage of mobile connectivity by using embedded subscriber identity modules (eSIMs) or the new integrated SIM (iSIM). The eSIM is a tiny SIM-chip module that is soldered onto the board of a device. The iSIM is a digital solution where the SIM OS runs in a secure environment within a system-on-chip in the baseband controller. Mobile network operator (MNO)-specific data and subscriber profiles can be downloaded onto them over the air (OTA) and later be replaced remotely without needing to change the physical SIM card.  

IoT devices can be managed in a couple of ways. Our remote SIM provisioning solution, also known as eSIM management, simplifies the deployment and lifecycle management of connected IoT devices and sensors, making the process straightforward and efficient. 

Additionally, a connectivity management platform monitors and controls devices connected to cellular networks. These two solutions work hand in hand. eSIM management simplifies the initial setup of network operator subscriptions, while the connectivity management platform keeps things running smoothly, ensuring that your IoT devices stay connected and perform optimally. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution for IoT device deployment and lifecycle management. 

What are the advantages of remote SIM provisioning (RSP)? 

  • Secure remote management of IoT device identity and connectivity with eSIMs and iSIMs technology 
  • Easy implementation and scaling of cellular IoT deployments 
  • Tailored for IoT OEMs, semiconductors and module makers 
  • Full flexibility to choose from pre-configured SIM profiles 
  • No manual handling of pluggable SIMs 
  • No need to stock various SIM cards, eSIM, iSIM-modules with fixed subscriptions 
  • No logistics required to determine which SIM should be used in which device and in which location 
  • A standardized and future-proof solution that makes it easy to change connectivity providers during device lifetime 

For your benefit, our remote SIM management solution provides flexible usage and administration of eSIMs and iSIMs, as well as pluggable SIM cards in specific cases. This also fosters the development of innovative and attractive IoT device types that are smaller, cheaper, more robust, and easier to manage.

The benefits of our IoT connectivity management solution include: 

  • Easy enabling of cellular connectivity on all kinds of IoT devices – industrial, enterprise, consumer, and of course, automotive 
  • Straightforward, remote, and secure management of device connectivity 
  • An optimal user experience through reliable connectivity and dynamic service updates 
  • Simplified, global IoT-device supply chain, production, and distribution flow, with no need to stock and handle multiple types of local SIM cards
  • Flexible IoT management and changing of connectivity service providers during device lifetime 
  • Supporting all established and upcoming GSMA RSP standards: SGP.02 – M2M, SGP.22 – Consumer, SGP.32 – IoT, SGP.42 – In-Factory 
  • Management of everything via one hybrid platform 
  • Administration of single devices or entire device fleet via G+D’s IoT Suite

In addition to broadband mobile networks (LTE, 5G), which are typically used by consumers and for connecting vehicles, there are also cost-optimized, application-specific cellular networks such as narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) or LTE-M etc. These low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) enable a very long lifetime for battery-constrained IoT device fleets with low data rates.

Infographic IoT management

G+D’s AirOn360® – The eSIM management platform tailored for the IoT

With a wealth of experience in securing connectivity, G+D is the trusted partner and pioneer for all challenges posed by the IoT. Our AirOn360® RSP and LCM platform provides a comprehensive server-based solution for OTA management of eSIMs, iSIMs and mobile subscriptions in general. AirOn360® enables secure RSP of nearly all mobile operator credentials (SIM profiles) worldwide for all consumer, M2M/IoT, automotive, and enterprise use cases, as well as private networks.

How you benefit from our remote SIM provisioning solution:

  • Service availability of up to 99.99% 
  • Global geo-redundancy 
  • High performance and support of high peak loads 
  • Full 5G-compliance and backward compatibility 
  • Empowerment of cellular private networks (5G, LTE, CBRS, etc.) 
  • Support of all GSMA-compliant eUICCs (eSIM) and iUICCs (iSIM)
  • Functionality certified by GSMA, supporting all eSIM management use cases 
  • Enhanced functions and uses cases beyond the GSMA standards 
  • Fully scalable service, based on business needs 
  • Proven end-to-end security 
  • Data centers that are operated with sustainable energy, depending on the region and availability

G+D’s IoT Suite: A connectivity management platform to scale your IoT deployments

To fully harness the potential of integrated IoT connectivity, you need a seamless connectivity management platform. Our IoT Suite simplifies the complexities of monitoring devices and handling global connectivity from multiple providers. This unified platform offers deep analytics and streamlined management, ensuring effortless control over your IoT deployments. With IoT Suite, overseeing your connectivity is a breeze, allowing you to scale your IoT projects successfully. Manage with ease today for a brighter IoT future.

How you benefit from our hybrid connectivity management platform: 

  • Seamlessly integrate with SGP.32 for maximum IoT device compatibility 
  • Support of legacy M2M devices via SGP.02 
  • Effortlessly visualize and monitor devices, accounts, and users from a single user-friendly dashboard 
  • Activate, suspend, or terminate SIMs, set data usage limits, and receive alerts with ease 
  • Unify your IoT operations seamlessly with our open API 
  • Access advanced SIM diagnostics and instant troubleshooting advice 
  • Enhance security with solutions that detect suspicious traffic and restrict public access to your devices 

Instant connectivity wherever a device is turned on for the first time

Massive IoT needs simple, digitized processes across all sectors, from the manufacture of a device to the activation of connectivity. Manual interactions, like plugging in SIM cards, are not suitable, nor is the management of individual devices. G+D’s SIM technology empowers fully digital connectivity enablement and lifecycle management for cellular IoT devices while optimizing sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.

In Factory Profile Provisioning (IFPP)

IFPP, according to GSMA SGP.42, allows the loading of device- and region-specific M(V)NO profiles onto eSIMs and iSIMs during device production. This process is highly secure, completely digital, and greatly simplifies the supply chain and production process of IoT devices. A specific certification of the production environment is not required. 

  • Enables out-of-the-factory connectivity 
  • Flexible production 
  • Simplified logistics 
  • Reduced complexity in supply chain

Global bootstrap and on-demand connectivity 

Bootstrap connectivity enables the loading of customized M(V)NO profiles during the in-field commissioning of the IoT device, as well as during its lifetime via G+D’s global network. This eliminates the manual loading of subscriptions via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, simplifying devices and saving costs.  

  • Supports out-of-the-box connectivity 
  • Global coverage 
  • Fallback and complementary connectivity 
  • Temporary/On-demand connectivity 

In field profile management with AirOn360® IoT 

RSP, according to GSMA SGP.32, remotely loads, activates, and manages SIM subscriptions for IoT devices in the field. IP-based and SMS-free, this process provides flexible cellular connectivity management throughout the entire lifecycle of a device, reducing costs and enabling rapid scaling across regions with a globally pre-connected SKU (stock keeping unit). 

  • One portal to manage all RSP devices via our IoT Suite 
  • Single SIM/eSIM/iSIM SKU 
  • Supports adaptable device fleet management 
  • Enables global connectivity 
  • Future-proof solution for IoT and Automotive applications 

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AirOn360®: Best-in-class eSIM management for the IoT

Experience market-leading eSIM management with AirOn360®, G+D’s comprehensive RSP platform designed for mobile carriers, automotive manufacturers, and IoT device makers. Our secure solution enables seamless OTA management of eSIMs and mobile subscriptions, empowering high-performance connectivity for consumer, M2M, and IoT use cases.

The one-stop shop for IoT connectivity

Spotlight on the key IoT challenges: flexible connectivity, trusted device identification, secure data transmission, and optimized sustainability. We at G+D address them all, end-to-end. Our leading IoT solutions ensure global application-specific cellular network connectivity that accounts for customers’ needs and requirements.

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