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IoT management with eSIM technology

The Internet of Things is becoming the biggest game changer ever. Industrial IoT – an environment where interconnected instruments and other devices are networked with industrial applications, including manufacturing and energy management – is one of its fastest-growing sectors. IoT is an incredibly broad field in which an extremely large number of devices can be networked. Sensors, processors, software, systems, and platforms are used by businesses to create greater operational efficiencies and new revenue streams.

IoT devices, logistics tracking systems, and manufacturing equipment take advantage of mobile connectivity by using embedded subscriber identity modules (eSIMs) also known as eUICCs. The eUICC is a tiny SIM-chip module that is soldered onto the board of the device. New mobile network operator (MNO)-specific data, the eSIM profiles, can be downloaded onto them and later be replaced without needing to change the physical SIM card. An eSIM management platform helps make rolling out IoT sensors and managing their lifecycles straightforward and efficient.

The advantages of the eSIM concept at a glance:

  • Full flexibility to decide later which SIM and MNO to use (as soon as device setup is assured in the target destination)
  • No physical handling of SIMs
  • No need to stock different SIM cards
  • No logistics required to determine which SIM should be used in which device
  • A future-proof solution that makes it easy to change connectivity providers during device lifetime

To your advantage, our eSIM management solution flexibly uses and manages soldered and embedded SIM cards. This also fosters the development of innovative and attractive IoT device types that are smaller, cheaper, more robust, and easier to manage.

The benefits of our IoT management solution include

  • Easy enabling of cellular connectivity on all kinds of IoT devices – industrial, enterprise, consumer, and of course, automotive
  • Straightforward remote, secure, over-the-air management of the device connectivity
  • An optimal user experience through reliable connectivity and dynamic service updates
  • Simplified, global IoT-device supply chain, production, and distribution flow, with no need to stock and handle multiple types of local SIM cards
  • Flexible IoT management and changing of connectivity service providers during device lifetime

AirOn360® – eSIM management from G+D

Our AirOn360® platform provides a comprehensive server- and cloud-based solution for managing eSIMs and subscriptions over the air. The eUICC itself is the hardware component that can be soldered onto the device. The AirOn360® platform supports the remote SIM provisioning of multiple mobile network operator credentials (eSIM profiles) as well as update management. Our offer also includes device-related remote lifecycle management (LCM) services, as well as quality of service (QoS) monitoring for mobile networks, mobile analytics, and roaming steering. As the market and thought leader in eSIM management, we developed the first working eSIM management platform in the world, which was deployed in 2011. In the interim, G+D has built on its products, services, and expertise in mobile security, SIM cards, applets, and the over-the-air (OTA) management of data on SIM cards. This was made possible by partnering with leading mobile operators and extensive participation in GSMA specification activities.

How you benefit from our eSIM management:

  • Extended functionality for various market segments and use cases: AirOn360® is compliant with the published GSMA remote SIM provisioning (RSP) specifications for consumer, M2M, and IoT use cases. It provides extended functionality, which has become invaluable in commercial deployments. It is also a proven way for customers to re-engineer the end-user experience, generate more revenue, lower costs, and differentiate in the market
  • Multi-eUICC vendor support is essential for eSIM management: Our eSIM management solution has supported the integration of an influential vendor's eUICCs from the very first commercial solution, prior to the development of any international specifications or standards
  • Trusted partner to the industry: We are a highly respected security company trusted to be the data-generation partner for MNOs worldwide
  • More than a GSMA specification-compliant solution: Commercial deployment of eSIM management requires more than GSMA specification. The additional features and functionalities offered by the AirOn360® cloud service enable successful deployment of eSIM credentials for upcoming industries, such in factory personalization of NB-IoT credentials
  • eSIM Management Engine as the basis for various new services: We offer a broad portfolio of eUICCs, secure embedded operating systems, data, and profile generation, as well as device-related lifecycle management products and services. Remote OTA management services support further consumer device use cases, such as mobile device management, mobile analytics, and roaming steering

AirOn360® eSIM management service offers:

  • Fully scalable service, based on business needs
  • SM-DP+ functionality certified by GSMA, supporting all eSIM management use cases
  • Enhanced functions and uses cases beyond the GSMA standards
  • 5G compliancy
  • Support of all GSMA-compliant eUICCs
  • Maintenance and regular upgrades
  • Service availability up to 99.99%
  • High availability and geo-redundancy

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Trust the market leader. Securely manage the lifecycle of all embedded-SIM devices with our proven, award-winning, future-proof eSIM management solutions. With our offer, you can address consumer, enterprise, and IoT markets.

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