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Currency Technology

We provide secure public currency solutions for billions of people

Ever since the printing of our first banknote in 1854, G+D has been synonymous with securing public currencies. In a globalized economy and dynamic world markets societies rely on secure access to public currencies. While physical cash remains a trusted public good, central banks globally are already working on public forms of money for the digital age – Central Bank Digital Currencies. As a market leader and trusted partner for currency technology, we provide highly secure and efficient solutions at all stages of the currency cycle – both in physical and digital ecosystems.

Currencies are both the foundation and operating system of economies around the globe. In times of heightened volatility, stable supply of cash plays a central role in a functioning economic system.  Cash has lost none of its significance: its circulation is growing worldwide and consumers use it more frequently for store of value. Players in the cash cycle need to ensure a resilient and efficient cash cycle that can respond flexibly to fluctuations in cash requirements. At the same time, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. 

Currency technology has expanded from the classic physical cash cycle to match the growing digitization of payments. While cash provides value for society by being universally accessible and protecting privacy, it is not digitally available. Central bank digital currency (CBDC) unites the benefits of cash with the convenience of the digital world and promises to further extend financial inclusion. More than 130 central banks worldwide are already working on a central bank digital currency. 

What sets G+D apart

We offer an end-to-end portfolio for the cash cycle that matches the different needs of our customer – including banknote solutions, currency management and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). As a global market leader, G+D is the trusted partner of 145 central banks worldwide and all other players in the currency cycle.  

Reliable security is an important prerequisite for maintaining public trust in cash. Together with our clients, we create customized banknote solutions that combine utmost security with beautifully crafted designs. Actively addressing climate protection, G+D is determined to make banknotes and the entire cash cycle more sustainable without compromising security and durability. 

Drawing on our decade-long expertise in currency management, we provide public institutions with the critical infrastructure to ensure cash supply and optimize the cash cycle. We make banknote processing hyper efficient through automation and robotics, intra-logistic standardization and data-driven solutions – from refining existing cash centers to providing large-scale turnkey solutions. 

We are in a unique position to provide cutting-edge CBDC solutions. G+D combines a deep understanding of public currencies with know-how in financial platforms and digital security. We are actively developing CBDC solutions together with central banks on all continents and aim to build interconnected ecosystems that seamlessly integrate both physical and digital cash.

Expanding possibilities with Advanced Currency Management solutions


Our offering

Based on our end-to-end competence, we create innovative solutions building our Advanced Currency Management portfolio – including forgery-proof banknote design, high-quality paper and security features, banknote production, the highly efficient processing of banknotes and end of life solutions as well as production-ready CBDC solutions. We even implement full turnkey projects that help design the entire cash cycle of a country. 

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Digital Currency Ecosystem

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) provides a public form of paying and storing values digitally. We are here to build CBDC solutions – one that supports all players in the payment industry.

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Currency Management

G+D is the trusted partner of all stakeholders in the cash cycle. As a technology leader, our offering combines hardware, software and services into intelligent and scalable solutions for a resilient and efficient cash cycle.

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Banknote Solutions

Secure banknotes are part of our DNA. Because every country has different requirements for its banknotes, we develop highly customized solutions in partnership with our customers.


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Expanding Possibilites

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With Advanced Currency Management, G+D offer a portfolio of innovative solutions and services along the entire currency cycle that are seamlessly integrated and already take other areas into account.

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