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Together with our employees towards a successful future

In the ESG pillar Social, we summarize our activities in three key areas: our role as a responsible employer, the range of inclusive and accessible products in our portfolio and our social commitment through the G+D foundations. All of these topics are united by our aspiration to make a valuable contribution to the community as G+D.

Lasting values in a modern working environment

Innovative strength, expertise and motivation: these are the factors on which our business and our success are based. To achieve this, we create a working environment in which all employees can develop and use their full potential - freely according to their own interests and talents. We also train our employees so that they can actively shape the changes brought about by increasing digitalization and technical progress. 

Our goals:

Infographic G+D social goals
Infographic G+D social goals

Living diversity

We stand for fairness and equal opportunities and are part of the "Diversity Charter" employer initiative. We expect our employees to behave in an appreciative, respectful and non-discriminatory manner. We have enshrined these principles in our guidelines and raise awareness of these issues through training and events: 

  • In our global Guiding Principles on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I), we define our voluntary commitment, which is incorporated into our DE&I policy
  • The Red Flag Behavior Guideline clarifies how discrimination and harassment manifest themselves and sensitizes our employees to recognize unacceptable behavior. 
  • Voluntary and mandatory training courses ensure that all employees and managers are aware of the applicable standards of conduct.  
  • We also offer information events such as Diversity Lunch Talks and our Diversity Lab. 

Lifelong learning and development

Diverse group of young professionals

The development of our employees is a priority for us. With our extensive development portfolio, we ensure a wide range of growth opportunities for all target groups, from junior and senior professionals to managers. We offer global and local talent programs in which we are increasingly committed to diversity with a special focus on promoting female and international talent. With new and innovative approaches, such as the Future Lab, we want to offer our employees guidance to help them find their personal career path. Our annual People Reviews are a key tool for supporting all our employees in their professional and personal development. At the same time, we support the exchange between employees and managers with the feedback dialog. With our Group-wide learning management system, we can offer training for globally relevant topics at all locations in a standardized manner and also record the number of training participants globally using the central system.

Work-life integration

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(Working) life is not always the same. We support our employees with flexible working models to help them achieve the best possible work-life integration. The Working @G+D program includes, for example, mobile working from abroad, vacation care for employees' children at the Munich headquarters and the "Swap Saturday" for more time to get things done during the week. Since 1927, we have had a registered association that looks after current and former employees in need.  

For the past 20 years, we have regularly undergone the berufundfamilie (work and family) audit for an external review. The quality seal stands for the sustainable design of a family and life-phase-conscious personnel policy. 

Inclusive solutions in the G+D product portfolio

All people, regardless of cognitive or physical impairments, have the right to a self-determined life with access to all information and services. This also applies to payment transactions, where inclusion and accessibility are becoming increasingly important. Our goal: We want everyone to have access to secure payment methods. That is why we are specifically developing barrier-free solutions. 

Equally important, but less obvious to many at first glance: we advocate legal identity as a human right. In its Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations explicitly call for all people to have a legal identity by 2030 (SDG 16.9), enabling them to participate socially, politically and financially. 

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More Accessible Payments

G+D not only offers physical and digital solutions, but also calls on partners to help shape them in order to jointly create an accessible payment infrastructure. Our starting point is that services and products must be designed to be accessible for everyone from the outset. This is because a lack of accessibility is still far too often only noticed when the product is finished.

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Payment cards

We enable accessible financial services and support our customers on their way to an inclusive offering. With our Convego® card solutions, we focus specifically on accessibility for people with visual or physical impairments, e.g. by relief embossing and indentations, large and high-contrast lettering, or with biometrically protected cards, PINs or a mobile device are no longer necessary.

Woman uses a smartphone at the market to pay for goods.
Central Bank Digital Currency

Around a fifth of people worldwide have no direct access to the financial system and therefore no way of holding money in an account, receiving and sending money. From a global perspective, this is a serious obstacle to financial inclusion. One solution is central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which G+D is already working with a number of central banks around the world to introduce.

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One in ten people have no way of proving their own identity – this affects 850 million people worldwide. Yet valid identity documents are a basic prerequisite for exercising basic rights and participating in social life. Providing such solutions is one of G+D's core competencies.

Social commitment: The G+D foundations

Our foundations preserve the roots of G+D and are committed to a future with equal opportunities for children and young people.  

Together with our partners, we implement projects in the following areas: 

  • Social-emotional and intercultural education 
  • Personal development 
  • Language and communication 
  • creativity 
  • media competence 

We aim to achieve the following impact through our work: 

  • People of all cultures and backgrounds develop their potential and actively contribute to a peaceful, tolerant and innovative society. 
  • People with a migration background are better integrated into society. 
  • People from different cultures learn from each other and develop common perspectives. 
  • Prejudices and fears are reduced and tolerance and mutual respect are promoted. 

The foundation also promotes voluntary work by G+D employees at the company's headquarters in Munich by cooperating with an educational support center. Here, employees can get involved in a variety of ways as part of corporate volunteering, with G+D "donating" half of the employees' time. 

Recognize roots: Cultural heritage should not be forgotten

With the G+D Foundations, we are committed to the art of printing and the preservation of cultural heritage. Our focus is on artistic printing techniques, because this is where our company has its roots: Giesecke+Devrient was founded in 1852 as a typographic institute in Leipzig.

Shaping the future: Every path begins with an opportunity

We are committed to ensuring that children and young people have the same opportunities and possibilities to develop and flourish, regardless of their starting position. Our program focuses on the Munich metropolitan region, where the company is headquartered. 

Our partners: 

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