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A woman pays for her purchases in a clothing store with her smartwatch

Wearable payment enablement – easy and trustful

The definition of “wearable technology” changes almost daily as new use cases for payment on the go evolves. Smartwatches, clothing, fitness trackers, jewelry: using these gadgets to pay was unheard of just a couple of years ago. Now they are commodity, and customers expect convenient and fashionable ways to pay. With the usage of wearable payments increasing rapidly, the wearables technology has been transforming not only to enable secure payments, but also to enhance the customer journey.

Our wearables solutions for contactless payments enable secure authentication and credential management along with value-added services, such as ticketing, sports events, logical and physical access and beyond. We provide future-proofed security for wearable technology.

This is what distinguishes our solutions

  • Our  wearable solutions enable fast go-to-market with unmatched security and functionality – putting you in front of competition
  • Leverage your business on our ecosystem of established partners, future-proofed technology and certified components
  • Customer satisfaction will be increased thanks to frictionless wearable payments
  • By offering secure wearable payment solutions, with bolt-in technology for customizable offerings, you will enjoy higher brand retention

Passive or active wearables. We add value to your solution

Our end-to-end wearable solutions support all aspects of the wearables value chain. This include OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), payment providers, transit, sport and events to mention some. With our proven wearables enablement platform, we offer a non-stop-shop for you to ramp up your wearable offerings. As a stable partner in the payment technology ecosystem, your wearables deployment for virtually any use case is made easy with unmatched security, functionality, and speed-to-market.

A man pays contactless with his smartwatch at a cash register

Extend the customer journey addressing your customers digital lifestyles and provide a state-of-the-art user experience for convenient wearable payment: in-store, in-app, and online transactions, multimodal transit options, and beyond. Our technology assures the security of personal information and business data, and that private stays private with comprehensive protection from malware, hackers, WiFi attacks, and other cyber threats.

Continuous innovation is a key strand of the Swatch DNA. This latest advance, with the introduction of the fastest and simplest tokenization, makes it easier than ever to pay "forever" – token up your Swatch, swipe it and you're done. SwatchPAY! is simple, stylish and sexy.

Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch Creative Director


Cover of SwatchPAY! case study

Case study on our successful collaboration with Swatch

G+D has enabled Swatch to easily add new and highly secure functionality to their watches. G+D’s technology ensures that Swatch customers enjoy functionality without compromising what they love most about Swatch – fashionable design, low price, and long battery life.

Cover of Solution brief about transformation through integration

Solution brief about transformation through integration

Wearables have transformed the way millions of people live, play, work and pay, with new applications for the technology being implemented at a staggering pace. What was once the province of premium consumer technology is now being used in multiple industries in single and multiple-use applications, from payments and access management to transportation and ticketing.

Secured payment enabled wearables

Wearables for every-day use including convenient contactless payment capability, with a state-of-the-art customer experience – that’s the success formula. We offer a complete, robust platform for wearable transactions. Our technology guarantees that you can provide the preferred offering of paying, securing the complete customer journey in a fashionable way.

A woman pays contactless with her smartwatch

Convego® CloudPay eSE

Juniper Research awarded our wearable enablement solution with its Platinum Award, singling it out as an IoT Payment Innovation. Its main success factor is the agnostic way for OEMs to secure convenient payment, regardless the device form factor.

Various wearables from G+D in bright colors

Passive wearables

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle demands innovations to enhance contactless experiences: frictionless payment and swift access. At the same time, consumers wish for freedom of choice and products to represent their own way of life. G+D Wearables offers all of this!

More insights into wearables

A person pays contactless with the smartphone in a café

Digital payment solutions again win innovation awards from Juniper Research

Juniper Research has awarded two solutions from G+D with the "Future Digital Award for Payment Innovation".

A smiling businessman pays contactless with his smartphone in a restaurant

LG counts on G+D for mobile payment services

LG has launched the LG Pay mobile payment service, which supports Mastercard and Visa in the United States. The Convego CloudPay service from G+D is used for deployment, provisioning and lifecycle management of virtual payment cards.

A woman with many shopping bags and a smartwatch, the caption SwatchPAY! is displayed

Swatch announces SwatchPAY!

This innovative approach combines iconic Swatch design with a mobile payment feature that uses G+D’s wearable enablement solution for secure tokenization, a user app, as well as an embedded secure element to ensure the security of data and payment transactions.

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