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A global map with highlighted points or lines connecting various regions, symbolizing G+D's worldwide supply chain network.

Supply Chain

Efficiency and sustainability are the focus of our supply chain. Our procurement team ensures the timely delivery of quality goods and services across all our locations necessary for our SecurityTech offerings in Digital Security, Financial Platforms, and Currency Technology.

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G+D values an efficient procurement process, with the purchasing team as a strategic success factor driving price optimizations and innovations.


Distribution network

Key elements of our supply chain are our channel partners around the world and our IoT Shop, adding flexibility to our global operations.

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Channel Partner Locator

We have partners for our cash management solutions all over the world. Simply find the channel partner of your choice and contact them directly.

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IoT Shop

Discover our IoT shop for hardware solutions, providing end-to-end solutions and connectivity to locate your goods globally at any time.

Corporate responsibility

As a global company, we are commitment to a responsible supply chain management with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical business practices. We ensure our operations are environmentally sound and collaborate with suppliers to promote a responsible and transparent supply chain.

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G+D actively advocates for ecological and socially sustainable development. We want to further intensify our commitment and gradually transform our company.


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