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Banknote Solutions

Sustainable banknote solutions with unmatched security from within

In today's global landscape, the circulation of banknotes is on the rise alongside a growing population. This proves the ongoing relevance of cash, particularly in times of uncertainty and crisis. Ensuring the authenticity and security of banknotes is paramount in maintaining public trust in public currencies. As each economy has unique requirements for their banknotes, we collaborate closely with our clients to provide tailor-made, highly secure and sustainable banknote solutions.

At G+D, the creation of secure banknotes is in our very DNA. With a legacy dating back to 1854, we have evolved into the world leader in comprehensive banknote solutions, encompassing exceptional banknote design, the supply of counterfeit-resistant substrates and cutting-edge security features.  

Preventing counterfeit is an important prerequisite for maintaining public trust in cash. In partnership with our clients, we engineer customized solutions that seamlessly combine maximum security with captivating aesthetics and durability. 

With award winning solutions we also take responsibility for environmentally friendly banknote production and highly sustainable repurposing solutions for unfit banknotes. 

Our banknote solutions empower users to confidently accept and utilize cash, knowing that its authenticity and quality are guaranteed. As a payment specialist with extensive expertise also in card and digital payments, we are supporting freedom of choice for consumers in a growing and diversifying payment landscape. G+D offers holistic banknote solutions that merge sustainability, security, and aesthetic excellence, redefining the future of cash for a world in constant change. 

Banknote solutions

Design process of a banknote with a pen

Benchmark in Banknote Design

Discover how your banknotes can balance timeless design with innovative security features to produce eye-catching results. As national calling cards, banknotes must reflect a country’s identity and culture, while also guaranteeing a secure and efficient cash ecosystem. Find out how we design pieces of art for every purse.

Close up of a sample note with a security thread in blue-green with fishes

Banknote Security Technology

With a wide range of reliable security features, you can find a bespoke banknote design that perfectly combines security, functionality, and aesthetics. We enhance banknote reliability and high-level authentication through the use of brilliant eye-catching effects, balanced with optimum functionality and durability. Take a look at how beautiful security can be.

Close-up of a machine producing the 10 euro banknote

High-quality Banknote Production

With 170 years of experience in banknote production, we can be trusted to produce outstanding banknotes that are forgery proof and resistant enough to withstand harsh climatic and circulation conditions. Discover our high-quality paper and substrate solutions, as well as our optimized production methods and comprehensive support services.


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