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Our solutions drive the pulse of mobile digital life

Our digital life involves an incredible number of devices. It relies on massive amounts of mobile data that must be transported securely at high speeds over a vast number of networks. No doubt, mobile network operators (MNOs) are the key players in this connected, mobile society. In fact, more than 800 MNOs operate across an extensive variety of networks. G+D supports them to manage risks and, at the same time, exploit opportunities. The technologies in this area are evolving rapidly – and sometimes even change radically. No matter what, security and establishing trust in the market are always top priorities for all players. G+D offers solutions such as eSIM management so you can ideally position your business – for today and tomorrow.

We put you in control of mobile services

MNOs have to answer many questions that will determine the future: How can I grow my subscriber base in saturated markets? How can I monetize 5G and the opportunities of the IoT across markets? What strategies will enable me to manage disruptive market players who are offering new business models?

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Trust in our experience - we know where to go

The number of subscribers and access points is continuing to rise. Also, users have more and more mobile devices that require access – whether we’re talking about human subscribers or connected IoT devices.

But that's not all:

  • The virtualization of networks and wireless technologies are creating new infrastructures.
  • Digital customer journeys have developed from a “nice to have“ to a “must have.”
  • MNOs are required to provide agile connectivity and identity services.

End-to-end-solutions for your complete customer journey

Today’s connected society is built on mobility and connectivity. In this arena, conditions change quickly and sometimes radically. As a network or virtual network operator, you are ideally capable of updating and adapting your business model for efficiency and profitability. With our solutions, you can redefine customer journeys from the ground up. And in so doing, you can offer more ubiquity and simplicity. With our support, you can transform the customer journey and become an end-to-end service provider, gaining the ability to manage every single aspect of an end user’s digital and mobile life. Our role is to develop, configure, deploy, connect, and manage billions of mobile devices securely – every second of every minute.


Kaleido Champion Award für eSIM-Subscription-Management

G+D scores #1 vendor for eSIM Management

G+D is officially a Kaleido Champion for its eSIM Subscription Management solution. We receive this recognition as "the leading service provider on the market, owing to innovative campaign management, analytics tools and exceptional service availability".


Reduce complexity and increase flexibility

With our proven solutions, you can create a straightforward and convenient customer experience. We provide trusted and secure end-to-end solutions comprising classic pluggable SIMs, embedded SIMs (eSIMs), embedded operating systems (eOS) for smart card controllers, lifecycle management services, and SaaS solutions with the highest service levels.

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5G will enable many IoT applications making it possible to manage entire factories – including the supply and distribution chains – online. G+D will be a key enabler in all of these scenarios.

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SIM Card

Today, SIM cards ensure more than the pure authentication to a network: data protection, mobile applications as well as services such as payment, transit, and digital car key, in addition to IoT-focused security applications.

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eSIM Management

Trust the market leader. Securely manage the lifecycle of all embedded-SIM devices with our proven, award-winning, future-proof eSIM management solutions. With our offer, you can address consumer, enterprise, and IoT markets.

SIM card permanently installed on a circuit board

Integrated SIM

iSIM is the next step of SIM card technology. Smaller, lighter, and with more flexibility and sustainability, it has the potential to revolutionize the IoT industry forever.

More insights into our solutions for MNOs

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eSIM package with IDC study & webinar 2020

The IDC study, commissioned by G+D, provides highly differentiated insights into how key ecosystem players perceive the relevance of eSIM technology. Get your package with the IDC study 2020, the video recording of the eSIM webinar 2020 and the slides.

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