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Connected, safe, and secure: the future of connected vehicles

With the emergence of 5G, quality of service has taken on an entirely new meaning for the automotive industry. As smartphone penetration and usage increases, so does consumer demand for digital services within the car. The 5G stand-alone platform is poised to become the new standard in connectivity. Security is first and foremost when it comes to ensuring the safety of connected vehicles. Communication with IoT devices – whether it’s vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to other – should be a given throughout the entire lifecycle. Data downloads and car-to-cloud communication must operate securely. We at G+D ensure that the automotive solutions of tomorrow provide secure, trusted connectivity, as well as personalized services. Whether in the vehicle, on a device, or when uploading to the cloud, data integrity and privacy have to be guaranteed end to end. For drivers. For passengers. For you.

Billions of connected devices create a gigantic automotive solutions market

The GSMA projects that nearly 34 billion connected devices will be online in 2028. High-speed machine-to-machine (M2M) communication will drive this growth. This development is inspired by the vision of autonomous vehicles, which is built around vehicle-to-vehicle data communication and other related car services. Securing user and vehicle data will become increasingly critical as more and more vehicles become connected.

Infographic: facts and figures about the connected car

Without connectivity management, mobility has no future

The global automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation. And it’s not simply technological. Demographic, regulatory, and environmental pressures make change inevitable. Staying connected is becoming status quo. The connected vehicles of tomorrow must provide secure, reliable connectivity and personalized services for drivers and passengers. Connectivity and security play a critical role in driving this digital transformation.

Connected cars - vehicle connectivity with eSIM technology
Connected Cars

By minimizing the risks and maximizing the opportunities of the connected-vehicle era, we are setting the industry standard for vehicle SIM modules.

Car connectivity management from G+D
Car Connectivity Management

Our intelligent and flexible connectivity management allows you to provide stable and secure connectivity for a superior in-vehicle consumer experience.

Woman operates the cockpit of her convertible via touchscreen
Dual-SIM Dual-Active

DSDA is a new solution leveraging eSIM technology to provide seamless, relibale and secure connectivity for both the car and the passengers.

Digital Car Key Solution from G+D
Digital Car Key

Our key to your success: we provide you with secure, convenient, and scalable access solutions for cars.

The challenges facing automotive players

Connected car services comes with its own demands. Engineers need engine consumption data. Marketers want information on consumer behavior. Vehicle manufacturers have to regularly make available new services and updates. Navigation service providers aggregate data from thousands of cars to generate real-time congestion warnings. And end users whose cars are an extension of their digital lives expect more connectivity and better ease of use. Plus, they want personalized user experiences and features that not only save time and money, but also boost safety – such as eCall.

Automotive offerings in the digital space are subject to country-specific telecom and eCall regulations. Ensuring data integrity during in- and outbound vehicle data communication is imperative. Simplifying the logistics of enabling connected car services is also essential. Another challenge is to ensure connectivity across the entire lifetime of the “device on wheels.”

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Infographic about connected vehicles

Solutions from G+D help you maximize customer satisfaction

The car has increasingly become an extension of consumers' digital lives. Automakers are rapidly innovating to create first-class experiences. Find out how G+D helps secure connectivity, provides scalability, and supports the customer journey in connected vehicles.

A market with a clear direction

We see clear trends that will drive technological developments:

  • Cars are becoming increasingly interconnected.
  • Demand for both telematics and consumer connectivity platforms in vehicles will grow.
  • Connected cars will be equipped with independent eSIMs – one each for the car and the driver. The reliability, security, privacy, performance, and convenience of the Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) solution will benefit consumers and industry stakeholders alike.
  • According to Juniper Research, embedded SIMs (eSIMs) will help accelerate the adoption of M2M technologies.
  • State-of-the-art embedded SIMs will enable compliant automotive connectivity.
  • 5G connectivity will open the door to autonomous driving and to cellular vehicle-to-everything communication (C-V2X).

Manage your digital mobility services and tailor them to each driver – with our solutions

Our embedded automotive-grade M2M SIMs and eSIM management solution provide the reliable, robust, and trusted platform that a connected vehicle ecosystem needs. Our portfolio includes embedded universal integrated circuit cards (eUICCs) specifically designed for the automotive sector, as well as an eSIM management solution for M2M, consumer, and converged use cases. A further portfolio element encompasses a complete digital car-key system, including mobile, in-car, and backend solutions. We support dedicated solutions for country-specific requirements such as ERA-GLONASS, roaming, and local data processing. We are also aware that the increasingly comprehensive telecom, data privacy, and eCall regulations require intelligent and flexible connectivity management.

Automotive eSIM solution from G+D receives IoT Breakthrough Award

IoT Breakthrough, a leading market research company in the global IoT market, has awarded Giesecke+Devrient the “Connected Car Product of the Year” for its groundbreaking Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) solution.

Recognizing G+D's strong commitment to support automotive manufacturers, the 2024 award honors DSDA's innovative technology to provide reliable, high-performance, and personalized connectivity. Judges praised the forward-thinking approach to the future of connected cars, leveraging DSDA to deliver uninterrupted connectivity for both consumers and OEMs. This ensures safety, modern convenience, and seamless access to infotainment. 

Setting the standard in automotive security

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important throughout the Internet of Things (IoT) and even more so in the automotive sector, where the cybersecurity of vehicles and their components is critical to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. The automotive industry has therefore introduced ISO/SAE 21434 ‘Road vehicles - Cybersecurity engineering’, defining comparable security criteria for all suppliers. G+D is proud to be among the first companies to meet this standard for embedded (eUICC) products. 

G+D also complies with numerous other industry-specific and general standards, such as the IATF 16949, which combines existing general requirements for quality management systems in the automotive industry.

Security is always a top priority for G+D, making us one of the first companies to receive certification for cybersecurity in road vehicles.

Jan Eichholz, Head of Security in the Connectivity & IoT Business at G+D

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G+D receives IoT Breakthrough Award 2024

Leading market research company IoT Breakthrough has honored G+D with the "Connected Car Product of the Year" award for the groundbreaking innovation of its Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) solution.

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G+D ensures automotive cybersecurity

G+D has successfully completed ISO/SAE 21434 certification to provide the automotive industry with embedded solutions that meet a relevant standard for cybersecurity in motor vehicles.

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New platform solution for connected trucks

Scania, manufacturer of commercial vehicles, is implementing a new connectivity platform-as-service solution in close cooperation with G+D and Pod Group.

Computer simulation of a car standing in front of skyscrapers

Connected IoT cars

Not even visionaries such as Carl Benz or Henry Ford could have imagined IoT cars. And yet here we are, welcoming you to the next generation of connected vehicles.

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