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Currency Management

We drive innovation along the entire cash cycle

Intelligent currency management is key to a healthy and resilient cash cycle that billions of people rely on every day. As a trusted partner, G+D is providing all stakeholders in the cash cycle with leading technology to support highly secure, efficient and sustainable cash management end-to-end solutions.

Ever since G+D invented machine-readable banknotes and machines for automated banknote processing decades ago, we have been the technology leader for currency management. We deliver highly customized solutions covering every step of the cash cycle. As a reliable partner of central banks, commercial banks, casinos and cash-in-transit companies worldwide we stand for future proof solutions – perfectly aligned with the specific customer goals, needs and requests. 

Our offering combines hardware, software and services into intelligent and scalable solutions around the cash cycle. Leveraging our group-wide expertise in protecting highly critical sectors, we even implement customized currency hubs as full turnkey projects that help design the entire cash cycle of a country.  

We make banknote processing hyperefficient through automation, intra-logistic standardization and data-driven technology – reducing the cost of cash handling and keeping it attractive and competitive. We support environmental change by helping our customers achieve sustainability with green products and solutions along the entire cash cycle.  

G+D is also actively developing CBDC solutions together with central banks across all continents. Based on our end-to-end competence, we aim to build interconnected ecosystems that seamlessly integrate both physical and digital cash. 

Cash center with ceiling-high NotaTrays

Scalable Cash Cycle Solutions

Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s standard. Our Scalable Cash Cycle Solutions allow every player in the cash cycle to improve efficiency and security with high-level automation and end-to-end infrastructure. Tailor our wide-ranging solutions to your specific needs and enhance your agility, productivity, and security – no matter the size of your operation.

View inside a banknote processing machine sorting euro banknotes into NotaTrays

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Set new benchmarks in cash logistics with big ideas, such as hands-free operation, for the entire cash center. Find out how our solutions can improve the performance and security of your business.

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Digital Solutions

Increase efficiency and security by connecting and optimizing the whole cash cycle with digital solutions. From banknote production to cash processing, our adaptable software suite fits ever-changing business needs. Find out how we create greater value in a digital way.

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Smart Service Solutions

With our comprehensive service portfolio and 1,400 highly qualified and speedy service experts, we support you in ensuring optimum system performance and availability. Discover more about our service solutions, which can be implemented remotely or directly on site.

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We have partners all over the world. Simply find the channel partner of your choice and contact them directly.

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Business portal

Through our business portal, we offer access to online services such as our WebShop, a spare parts catalog, the G+D Remote Solutions and many more.

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