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Close up of a sample note with a security thread in blue-green with fishes

Secure your banknotes through cutting-edge technology

Want to build long-term trust? Reliable security is the only way. When it comes to banknotes, there can be no compromises. Which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that banknotes are given the eye-catching and durable security features they need – such as micro-mirror technology for fast and reliable authentication by just about anyone.

There is no straightforward, off-the-shelf solution for protecting a banknote. By working closely with you to determine the details of your specific security feature requirements, we can create a bespoke solution that suits your needs. The visual interplay of motifs in different security elements increases the security of the note, and it can make comparisons clearer for the user. Select your solution from a scalable product portfolio, which is applicable to a range of denominations and cash cycle requirements. Aid authentication by both people and machines, and improve security with cutting-edge yet visually stunning features. Whether watermarks, threads, foils, see-through windows, or machine-readable or printed security elements, our solutions are amplified on the banknote to create effective protection. Join central banks worldwide that entrust us with the protection of their currencies.

Let’s make your banknotes more secure.

Our solutions

Digital swoosh with M-Feature typo
The M-Feature®

The M-Feature® is the gold standard for banknote security. It is the most secure and flexible Level 3 security feature and offers outstanding efficiency.

Close-up of a cylinder mould watermark for a banknote

Cylinder mould watermarks are fundamental, easily recognizable security elements on a banknote. We have improved technology and production, and made them even more secure.

RollingStar® i+ security threads for banknotes
Security Threads

Perfectly embedded: essential for protection against counterfeiting whilst also ensuring a long-lasting and visually attractive solution.

Close up of a security foil on a banknote
Foil Elements

High-tech and eye-catching, these foils offer much scope for design and are difficult to copy.

Close-up of a banknote with security window and other visual effects
Secure Windows

Small secure windows in the banknote, featuring different visual effects, can be quickly authenticated whilst also representing a high barrier against counterfeiting.

Close-up of a banknote with various security features
Embedded Covert Security

Magnetics and other effects give banknotes an additional level of security: we use covert elements to better protect cash and extend its functionality.

Close up of a banknote with a colorful peacock feather
Printed Security Features

The importance of printing for banknote security cannot be understated: traditional procedures, striking color pigments and technical innovations make your banknotes clearly distinguishable.


Unmatched counterfeit protection


Our holistic feature strategy takes banknote design and security to the next level. Benefit from a customized combination of visual effects such as breathtaking dynamics, unique ColorShift, and machine-readable features such as MultiCode™. Uncompromising security, sustainable production, and maximum freedom in design and customization ensure that your banknotes remain a trusted and secure means of payment.

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