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Card issuance services that make the difference

With our suite of card issuance services, you can create a truly differentiated customer experience across physical and digital touchpoints—maximizing your brand recognition and boosting customer loyalty. Our services expand your revenue streams and enhance customer relationships from day one, giving you full control, visibility, and traceability throughout the card issuance process.

What are the benefits?

  • Full visibility and traceability for you and your cardholder 
  • Enhanced flexibility to take advantage of predefined user journeys or create new ones 
  • Multi-channel support for digital and physical touchpoints 
  • Out-of-the-box offerings for banking and issuance-as-a-service 
  • Global availability with more than 20 factories across multiple countries around the globe

The phygital revolution


Find out how phygital is changing the banking world for card issuers

It’s easy to think of physical and digital banking as competing—but positive user experiences are built on a combination of the two. Explore the competitive advantages of phygital and trends driving the sector. 


Superior card issuance to boost customer relationships

Modern bank customers expect secure, convenient, and speedy services that match their needs and lifestyles. With our support, you can meet these expectations and deliver highly secure, quality products quickly. We provide a one-stop-shop service—from development, customization, and production to packaging and secure delivery.

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Managed card issuance

Our managed card issuance frees up time so you can focus on your core business and your customer relationships.

3d model of a pay3d model: two persons sitting together with a payment card in the backgroundment card and two persons sitting together
Issuance for partner

Our scalable Convego® issuance partner solutions enable you to access a wide range of our card services – including a unified software environment for the shop floor.

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Instant issuance

We offer self-service solutions for your customers or fit-for-purpose issuance services for offshore locations and your branches.

Smart issuance

Our next-generation card issuance platform brings an open environment and covers smart services and solutions for increased flexibility, transparency, and connectivity.

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Issuance outsourcing

G+D can help you optimize in-house card personalization. In coming up with a tailored solution for you, we take current market challenges into account. Our offering comprises consulting services and a wide range of possibilities that tap into our outstanding card expertise, whether it means transferring your site, staff, or machinery to us.

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Fintech offerings

For Fintechs to succeed, understanding the underlying payments landscape is as key as working with the right partner: G+D and Fintechs, a partnership for success!

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More Accessible Payments Offering

Explore a suite of card, digital and onboarding solutions that can help you to deliver a more accessible, convenient and secure payment experience to your end-customers. Another step toward social sustainability in your ESG journey!


Explore our smart cards

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Smart cards

We continually innovate our card offerings with unique designs and state-of-the-art security solutions. Our solutions manage your customers' identities with innovative design features that make your cards stand out. G+D produces cards your customers love to use.


More insights into card issuance services

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Banking brands need to offer the personal touch

There are big opportunities for banks that can deliver a good customer experience as consumer’s expectations of personalisation in banking increase.

Abstract background with social network connection hologram on world map. Concept of HR and social media globalization. 3D rendering symbolizes payment outsourcing.

The advantages of outsourcing payment services

Partnering with a specialist outsourcer offers a range of operational advantages. Access to new technology and expert personnel are two benefits when it comes to card issuance services. But there's more. Our online magazine shows you how you can profit from our expertise.

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Instant issuance to usher in new era of banking

We live in a fast-paced society. Banks must react quickly to consumer demands for instant service or information. Instant card issuance kiosks meet these expectations by removing the need to visit a branch. At the same time, they increase a bank's footprint and improve banking reach into underserved communities.

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