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Mobile ticketing – a seamless, personalized, and secure travel experience for your customers

Seamless and secure mobility is a key factor in the quality of modern life. Research clearly shows that the world's growing population gravitates to urbanized environments. Public transport systems are under enormous pressure to ensure cost-efficient mobility with high availability and throughput.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in contactless solutions. This is true not only for payment in general, but especially for public transport. No doubt, the demand for contactless and mobile ticketing by card or mobile phone is on the rise. Understanding related requirements, opportunities and customer needs is essential for transit authorities. We enable transit operators and authorities to put customer experience first. With our solutions you can provide secure, flexible, and mobile solutions to simplify passengers' lives while adapting to the changing customer lifestyles.

Benefits of mobile ticketing in urban environments

  • Secure Mobile Ticketing for guaranteed high availability, secure managed services, and easy integration
  • Over-the-air (OTA) application provisioning and personalization
  • An excellent basis for secure smartphones and apps enabling commuters to be guided throughout an entire journey, with a smartphone serving as a personal mobility companion
  • Integration of customer care interface with operator’s customer help desk
  • New and improved mobile services increase passenger choice and convenience, which translates into enhanced customer experience
  • Digital onboarding and secure identification
  • Comprehensive reporting and documentation
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android

The mobile device is the ticket

More and more travellers and commuters rely on flexible and mobile solutions. They want to use their smartphone or wearable as an e-ticket. Operators are expected to move with the times. We are at the forefront of developing mobile ticketing for greater passenger and operator convenience. But, of course, for both ticket holders and operators, security must never be compromised.

A woman pays for her ticket contactlessly with her smartphone on public transport

Increasing urbanization and growing mobility demands put transport operators under ever more pressure. Today public transport users expect technology to simplify ticketing, allow digital onboarding, reduce delays, and improve communication as well as information content.


Our Mobile Ticketing solution offers full integration and secure managed services. Passengers can use their mobile devices as a travel card. Already 50 million passengers worldwide use our contactless card ticketing solutions. And now they can rely on our secure mobile ticketing solutions. Likewise, all other travellers and commuters could also benefit from our offer.

We enable seamless and secure mobility

Our mobile ticketing platform offers full integration and secure managed services so commuters can use their mobile as a contactless transport ticket. Their transit pass can be securely stored in a digital format on their mobile phone and easily topped up anytime, anywhere. Passengers simply use their mobile device when boarding their train or bus. Our solutions enable transport authorities to easily create, issue and manage the secure digital identities assigned to the virtual travel cards linked to a mobile device.

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Independently of the technology behind each solution, our mobile-ticketing solutions guarantee the fulfillment of data privacy and security requirements. Our scalable security solutions meet the needs of transit operators and passengers, from SW-based app security to tamper-proof security.

You will profit from our industry-leading tokenization services and from our cooperation with the key payment standards and schemes such as EMV®, AMEX and Mastercard. In addition, we ensure compatibility with local schemes. We provide the most robust security for credentials on cards and on mobile devices. We make a mobile ticket secure and compatible with all mobile devices and we support all common operating systems. Applications for additional customer services including mobile app, journey planning, ticket shop, ticket generation, verification and support payment services are other functionalities that we offer.

Security is a must. Our secure end-to-end ticketing process is the key

Today mobile app security is of overriding importance. A continuously growing number of transit, ticketing and payment apps store valuable data. And we all know that hackers have begun to aggressively attack mobile devices and the apps on those devices.

Close-up of the screen of a smartwatch with an icon for a travel app

Our mobile ticketing solution meets the growing demand for higher security for mobile apps. It provides a highly secure solution containing a software development kit (SDK) for app developers and an application security framework for mobile operating systems such as Android or iOS.

Our solutions allow transport operators to focus on customer mobility needs and to increase user experience

  • Seize new opportunities offering their customers the security they need to retain customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Move forward, not just like an operator for transit, but more like a service provider for travellers to remain relevant and popular among commuters
  • Forget tackling lots of different technologies and high complexity. We support you in picking out the right, future-proof solutions for your needs
  • Meet changing expectations around mobile convenience


Cover of brochure about secure mobile solutions for seamless travel

Secure mobile solutions for seamless travel

Public transport needs to adapt to changing customer lifestyles to become more efficient and convenient. Discover how public transport authorities can address these challenges and get ready for the future.

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The path to a seamless urban public transport system

The Internet of Things is here and 5G accelerates lots of potential also for the transit industry. Explore in this article how the journey from analogue passenger transport to future urbanity, in the sense of a seamless, urban public transport system, can be achieved.

State-of-the-art contactless ticketing products with services you need

These are challenging times for urban transit networks. It is crucial to enable higher throughput and leverage the full capacity of existing infrastructure to ensure easy and smooth passenger flow. Public transport also needs to become more attractive at the same time. We have the experience and expertise to provide secure ticketing solutions to fit your needs today and tomorrow.

A woman pays for her ticket on a public transportation system by holding her credit card up to a card reader

World-class contactless ticketing cards

The ever-growing number of passengers on urban transit networks is overwhelming operators in many cities and in many countries. Solutions to enable higher passenger throughput and to leverage the full capacity of the infrastructure is crucial.


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