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Identity Technology

We issue, manage and verify legal identities

Secure personal identities are the basis for modern life for billions of people in a connected world – both physically and digitally. At the same time, solutions for eGovernment and seamless travelling through digitized processing at borders are gaining importance. As a trusted partner for governments worldwide, we offer a cradle-to-grave identity portfolio.

G+D has been creating innovative integrated identity solutions for over 150 years. Veridos, our joint venture with the German state-owned company Bundesdruckerei, is building on this heritage of continuous innovation in the identity realm. Veridos issues, manages and verifies legal identities in the physical and digital space. The foundation of our long-term success lies in our trusted relationships with governments across the globe. More than 100 governments worldwide trust the identity solutions of Veridos. 

We employ innovative security features and technologies to provide identity documents that meet the highest standards. Our production facilities deliver high-quality and aesthetic documents. From enrollment to issuance, our identity management systems enable authorities to manage data across the document lifecycle. Veridos is the only company that supports its customers in planning, building and establishing in-country manufacturing facilities tailored to their needs. We design and implement turnkey solutions in the most efficient way. 

As we are convinced that unique identities are a human right, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 of providing a legal identity to everyone by 2030. This is why we are committed to protecting identities and improving the lives of citizens worldwide – by ensuring voting rights, facilitating the opening of a bank account or a convenient travel experience. 

Our expertise in securing identities enables us to meet client demands surrounding the verification of documents and authentication of people and to implement seamless border control procedures. We deploy biometric technology capturing fingerprints, face, iris or even DNA. Our state-of-the-art ePassports enable secure storage of biometric and personal data and allow for a more digital and automated verification process.   

In addition to securing legal identities, our identity technology offering includes trusted applications for enterprise security, product authentication and health solutions. 

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Enterprise Security

More than ever before, companies must protect their IT infrastructure. Cyberthreats are increasing in number, and cyberattacks are becoming more intimidating as well as more sophisticated. Data is at risk both inside and outside the enterprise.

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Product and Brand Protection

Trade in counterfeit branded items and medicinal products is booming worldwide. Real products and medications are worth protecting – but our high-tech solutions can do even more.

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Health Solutions

The healthcare sector is all about the most important thing we have: our health. And since nothing less than personal data privacy is at stake, special protection is a must. We offer trusted and secure health solutions for all stakeholders – practitioners, organizations, companies, and health insurance providers.

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Veridos is our joint venture with German state-owned Bundesdruckerei. This powerful combination of expertise, capacity, and resources allow Veridos to implement tailored solutions for the changing needs of countries and their citizens.

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