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Health Solutions

The healthcare sector is all about the most important thing we have: our health. And since nothing less than personal data privacy is at stake, special protection is a must. The effects of cyberattacks, fraud, and data leaks thus take on a special dimension. Secure IT infrastructure as well as highly protected personal data and related information are key for all players involved. We offer trusted and secure health solutions for all stakeholders – practitioners, organizations, companies, and health insurance providers. At the same time, we take specific sector mechanisms into account by considering regulations, legal requirements, complexity, and, of course, cost pressure. Because everyone involved stands to benefit from a digital healthcare sector, our solutions also support digitalization.

Our healthcare offering empowers the industry to plan its core strategic business – for today and the future. We provide unique, end-to-end configurations encompassing certification, production, and development at all levels of the healthcare ecosystem. Most importantly, our solutions are extremely safe and easy to handle.


Our solutions for the healthcare sector:

  • Protect patient data and other information
  • Cover all requirements, from development, certification, and production, to personalization and lettershop based on predefined national or international specifications
  • Streamline processes through a combination of IT infrastructure with smart health cards and card-application management systems
  • Adhere to the highest demands for mobility, convenience, and security

Smart, secure, and strategic solutions for an efficient healthcare sector

The integrity and security of personal data is paramount, no question. Particularly in the health sector, the advantages of digitalization must be exploited to their maximum. Costs must be cut, processes made more efficient, and complexity reduced. Expectations are understandably high when it comes to digitalization and related demands.

A medical professional operates a medical program on the tablet

Patients and all other stakeholders, including health insurance providers, want an outstanding experience that is permanently secure and based on trust. This is where G+D enters the picture with its experience and healthcare solutions.

We enable strategic digitalization to safeguard patient data as well as related information for secure, convenient, everyday use. Our healthcare industry offerings include smart health cards for professionals and for patients. Furthermore, our smart health solutions protect infrastructure and data while providing a better experience for patients and doctors.

A woman dressed in white in a laboratory presses her finger on a computer-simulated display

Our products and solutions securely facilitate:

  • Access to patient data and related information
  • Exchange of patient data and related information within the healthcare ecosystem
  • Electronic patient records and prescriptions
  • Convenient mobile solutions for health cards
  • Signatures and transactions
  • Ecosystem infrastructure in the form of a secure data hub

Products & solutions

In the healthcare ecosystem, digital transformation is ushering in a new approach to how patients, doctors, and other parties interact and communicate. We drive the digitalization journey with efficient and secure solutions.

A man in a medical laboratory operates a tablet
Health Card

Smart health cards help manage identities and offer practitioners and pharmacists secure access to patients’ medical records. What’s more, our smart card technology supports the health industry’s measures to cut costs and improve care.

A medical professional operates a medical program on a laptop computer
Health Card Application Management System

Our management system is a high-performance platform with 24/7 data center availability for smart card issuers, including health insurance providers. With our Health Card Application Management System, you can take care of the full lifecycle of your cards – from initial personalization to return, and every step in between.

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The road to mobile health cards

Mobile and smart health cards offer numerous benefits for patients and healthcare professionals by increasing convenience, efficiency, and security.


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