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Digital Security

We enable security in the digital age

Our lives are becoming increasingly connected and digital. As technology advances and the digital landscape expands, safeguarding our interconnected world becomes increasingly critical. G+D draws on decade-long experience and technology leadership in securing mobile connections, legal identities and digital infrastructures. Today, we protect and manage confidential systems, networks, data and identities in physical, digital and mobile settings.

Billions of connected devices within the Internet of Things (IoT) offer massive opportunities through data-driven models. However, cyberattacks against public authorities, companies, and individuals are also on the rise, resulting in data and identity theft. Trusted digital infrastructures form the indispensable backbone of our networked world, while secure personal identities underpin modern life in both physical and digital realms. In this context, eGovernment and eID solutions are gaining importance as interactions between citizens and public authorities shift increasingly online. 

Whether in the realms of IoT connectivity, identity technology, or digital infrastructures: balancing stringent security measures with convenience is crucial to deliver the best end user experience. Safeguarding our interconnected world requires a thoughtful approach that ensures security without compromising accessibility and user-friendliness.

What sets G+D apart

We are the trusted partner for digital security of governments, public authorities and enterprises worldwide by providing secure connectivity for mobile devices within the Internet of Things, safeguarding legal identities and protecting digital infrastructures.  

Ever since G+D delivered the world´s first commercial SIM card over 30 years ago, we have been considered a pioneer in securing connectivity. Today, G+D is the global leader in eSIM solutions and the trusted partner for all challenges posed by the Internet of Things. We unlock business potential for our customers through IoT innovation with built-in security tech. We serve four domains: mobile network operators, automotive manufacturers, IoT device makers and technology providers, as well as enterprises across all IoT sectors. 

G+D has been working in the area of sovereign identities for over 150 years. Our joint venture Veridos, issues, manages and verifies legal identities in the physical and digital space. We are in a  unique position to offer a cradle-to-grave identity portfolio to more than 100 countries worldwide. 

With highly sophisticated cybersecurity solutions, G+D enables digital sovereignty for governments, companies and society. secunet, G+D’s listed subsidiary, is the IT security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany and the market leader for security-related solutions at the highest level. 

Our offering

We provide highly secure solutions in the fields of Connectivity & IoT, Identity Technology and Digital Infrastructures. In Connectivity & IoT, our offering includes solutions for the pluggable SIM, eSIM and iSIM, associated embedded operating systems and lifecycle management as well as global connectivity services and IoT solutions. In Identity Technology, we provide identification documents, identity management solutions and verification for the physical and digital space. In Digital Infrastructures, we offer cybersecurity solutions for the areas of eHealth, Homeland Security, Industry, Public Authorities as well as Defense & Space. 

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Connectivity & IoT

The Internet of Things is already the largest machine ever built by mankind. We unlock business potential for our customers through IoT innovation with built-in security tech.

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Identity Technology

G+D has been creating innovative integrated identity solutions for over 150 years. As a trusted partner for governments worldwide, we offer a cradle-to-grave identity portfolio.

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Digital Infrastructures

In an ever more interconnected world, trusted IT security solutions are in rising demand. We address the growing global market for cybersecurity by protecting digital infrastructures, systems, networks and confidential data.


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