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A man pays contactless with a credit card in a café

Creating confidence: our innovations in daily life

You’ll be amazed at the range of areas G+D technology pops up in people’s everyday activities – including yours! That’s because we have great people who are always thinking up new and better ways to do things.

A person operates a smartwatch with the inscription "Green eSIM by G+D".

SIM Cards

Did you know that G+D is one of the world’s biggest SIM suppliers? We even co-invented the SIM card 30 years ago! Our SIM solutions can be found in many areas such as the automotive industry or the rapidly growing IoT market. Plus: we’re the world leader in remote management systems for eSIMs. And 9 of the top 10 carmakers uses our automotive SIM technology, such as for digital car keys.

The EasyPASS system with secunet technology in an airport hall


We’re experts in border control – and the EasyPASS system with secunet technology secures and facilitates these processes across many European countries. You may have used it if you have flown for example from or to Switzerland, Germany or the Czech Republic with a European passport or ID, just like more than 100 million other travellers since 2010.

Banknotes look out from a purse against the background of a vegetable department


We’ve been printing banknotes since 1854 – and we still do for customers in over 100 countries. Ever take a look at the euro notes in your wallet? Aside from the great design and security features, they show where they were printed: if the serial number starts with W it was G+D Leipzig, while X denotes G+D Munich.

A man hands a passport to a couple


Through our Veridos joint venture with Germany’s Bundesdruckerei, we’re a leading light in the secure production of passports along with other state-of-the-art ID systems and services around the world. In fact, Bangladesh recently announced the implementation of ePassport infrastructure in all its embassies – and we provide the technology.

A young woman with laptop pays contactless with her smartwatch in a café

Central Bank Digital Currency

Passionate about digital currencies? Read on. Our G+D Filia® team has years of expertise in digital currencies issued by a country’s central bank. They’re super-secure and available to everyone, just like physical cash. We’re testing CBDCs in several countries, including a pilot project for the Bank of Ghana. Who knows, maybe your country will be one of the first to launch a CBDC!

A patient hands over his health card at the registration desk of a doctor's office


Ever wondered how your data is kept secure after handing your health card to your doctor? That’s where the secunet Konnektor comes in. The Konnektor is developed by secunet according to the standards of Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). And soon it will become even more important by enabling a secure and convenient transfer of your digital patient records between health providers.

One person hands over his credit card to another, in the background is a green meadow


Are you a customer of Hypo Vereinsbank or Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria? Then you probably have one of our sustainable payment cards. They’re based on pioneering G+D technology inspired by leading eco-organisations The options: recycled PVC, non-petrol based bioplastic and even cards made of plastic recovered from the oceans. Great for banks, shoppers and the planet!

A woman uses identity authentication via smartphone-based facial recognition from G+D

eGovernment solutions

Time savings for citizens, cost savings for public authorities – just some of the benefits of our eGov solutions and services. They range from passport applications to tax declarations to driver’s license renewals and much more. Our cutting-edge technology includes identity authentication using smartphone-based face recognition: passport renewal in minutes!