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Enhance efficiency with intelligent automation

Improving cash center operations can be complex, but automation solutions don’t have to be. Our integrated automation solutions are designed to optimize even the most demanding tasks. By utilizing the latest innovations, you can improve the integration and security of your processes, and enable your employees to use their time more productively and effectively.

Automation in cash management offers a new way to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and support greater adaptability and sustainability. Our Advanced Currency Management solutions deliver intelligent automation to meet the needs of all cash center types and sizes. Reduce manual labor, packaging waste, and logistical bottlenecks with advanced automation and standardization. Or, connect with your partners along the cash cycle and ensure continuous end-to-end process optimization with collaborative tools and digitalized solutions.
Each solution offers outstanding reliability, security, and efficiency, and can be applied to a range of tasks in the cash center – from processing and packing to banknote destruction.

Let’s create long-term productivity within your business.

Our solutions

Close-up of a high-performance banknote processing system

High-performance banknote processing systems

Innovative technologies ensure efficient and secure banknote processing, while scalable systems are ideal for cash centers of all sizes.

Automation in banknote processing

G+D supplies specific solutions that automatically load banknote processing systems and pack the completed bundles for more efficient cash center management.

Close up of small snippets of shredded euro banknotes

Banknote destruction

We are a pioneer in the banknote destruction market. Our high-performance machines destroy and briquette up to 1.5 tons of banknotes per hour.


More smart solutions

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Digital Solutions

Benefit from end-to-end digital cash management solutions, such as sophisticated software that increases visibility and reach for all cash cycle players.

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Smart Service Solutions

Ensure optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your systems – and maximize both efficiency and security – with our smart service solutions

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