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Digital solutions for an efficient cash cycle

Software solutions open the door to an efficient, connected, and data-driven future. Are you ready to manage and monitor your cash handling processes more efficiently and securely with advanced digital technologies? We offer all players in the cash cycle a full range of end-to-end software solutions that increase the visibility of processes and assets, optimize resources, and leverage data for smarter decision-making and scenario planning.


Our software solutions

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Central banks: improve decision-making and take control

Our software suite helps central banks take control of the cash supply chain and increase the quality of information to improve strategic decision-making.

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Commercial banks: optimize your cash operations

Commercial banks wishing to cut operational costs while better serving customers will greatly benefit from G+D’s modular and highly configurable software suite.

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CIT companies: optimize time, costs, and service levels

Operating efficiently, close collaboration with clients, and swift execution of services are key to the success of cash-in-transit companies. Our cutting-edge software suite enables you to be both competitive and cost-efficient.

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Casinos: streamline operations and reduce costs

Casinos need to operate effectively round the clock. Our state-of-the-art software suite helps you to manage your cash operations smoothly, safely, and accurately.

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Printworks: maximize productivity with advanced analytics

Information is power. By using the latest in big data analytics and advanced analytics, our software suite offers new levels of quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to printworks operations.


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Compass Cash Center

A data-rich solution to transform cash management operations

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