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G+D is active in 40 countries across the globe

Looking for a position in your local area? Or tempted by a move to another country? Depending on your experience and qualifications, you can take your pick at G+D!

We have facilities in 40 countries. Some are pure sales, production or R&D locations, while others are mixed. Some large and some small. What they all have in common is that their staff have multicultural flair and an international outlook.

Sounds good? At G+D, we’re looking for a huge range of profiles – from movers and shakers to ideas people, researchers, innovators, tech and other specialists, torchbearers and more. Check out some of our key figures below.


World map with gray continents, some states are colored blue

You can find us in:

  • America: Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, United States
  • Europe: Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ireland, North Macedonia, Netherlands
  • Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa
  • Asia: Turkey, Indonesia, China, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia
  • Australia

Employees worldwide

Like musicians in a symphony orchestra, everyone at G+D plays an important role in our company’s success – from the newest trainee through to top management.



About 2,400 people are based at our Munich HQ, while the rest are located around the world. So which country’s best for you?


Companies and joint ventures

Which location? You’re spoilt for choice with our development centers, production facilities, sales and service offices around the world!


of countries have G+D customers

We have customers located in 187 of the world’s 195 countries. That’s about 96%! It’s also why we have staff around the globe: we’re totally committed to customer satisfaction.