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Redefining the
e-commerce experience

As the number of e-commerce shoppers increases, the ecosystem faces many challenges to its successful day-to-day operations. These range from supporting new payment methods, such as smart devices, to navigating through ever more complex fraud, data security, payment processing, and regulatory concerns, as well as taking account of increasing ecological awareness. All of these factors, if not managed correctly, can lead to a drop in revenue as customers abandon their shopping carts to go elsewhere.

Why do your customers mostly abandon their cart?

Complex checkouts and a lack of trust are significant factors contributing to customers abandoning their shopping carts. Customers desire a secure shopping experience, but not at the expense of convenience. Therefore, it is crucial for Merchants and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to enhance the customer journey.

A graph demonstrating the reasons for customer abandoning their cart by percentage

Customer-first approach

In e-commerce, payment is the most vital step for ec-merchants and payment service providers to get right and one of the most significant friction points for customers.

The only way to success is to improve every aspect of the customer journey:

A chart showing the ideal payment experience being a mix of security, convenience and being quick

Online shoppers expect payment experiences that are:

A graphic displaying that online shoppers expect their payment experiences to be fast, secure and convenient

Optimizing payment experiences

An elevated e-commerce journey

Satisfying your customers requires balancing checkout security and providing a smooth payment experience. Within our software division, Netcetera, we are dedicated to redefining the e-commerce payment experience. Whether utilizing Network Tokenization to enable online transactions without exchanging vital account information or providing a seamless checkout experience using Click to Pay or shielding your business from fraud and chargebacks, we provide the solutions to transform your e-commerce payment journeys.

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Related Solutions

A man with tablet and digital overlay of payment card selection
eCOM Tokenizer

Enables merchants and PSPs to strike a balance between online checkout security and a seamless consumer experience. Powered by Network Tokenization it improves security, convenience, and conversion in the e-commerce business.

A woman with a smartphone in her hand looks enthusiastically through a shop window
3-D Secure

Guarantees to shield your business from fraud and chargebacks while reducing the cart abandonment rate.

A man pushes his bike and uses his smartphone at the same time.
Click to Pay

Empowers the consumers to confidently transact through an easy e-checkout, regardless of the payment card, digital channel, or device they use – by clicking just one button.

A person pays contactless with the smartphone in a café
Loyalty & Pre-Paid

Our solutions enable retailers to deliver a full-featured, multi-channel in-store payment system at scale. It puts your brand in front of the customer and creates stickiness, and the same time allowing you to evolve new revenue streams.


Woman pays with smartphone with only one tap

One-click checkout

Explore how business can remove e-commerce friction with ‘one-click checkouts’.

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Network tokenization

Find out how network tokenization can help merchants and online PSPs deliver smoother, more convenient customer payment experiences. 

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