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Who we are

Discover what we do at G+D – and why our people are so proud to be working here.

Creating confidence in a digital world

In a recent employee survey, most of our staff said they were proud of what we do. This passion goes back a long way – to 1852. Now, as we did then, we are continually innovating with new products that create confidence and make life easier for billions of people around the globe.

This is what we do

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Our story

If our founders could see G+D today, they would be proud of what the company has achieved. It all comes down to one simple fact: our staff have always been our biggest strength.

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Our innovations in daily life

You might be surprised by the many areas of everyday life where G+D products play a key role. Our staff invent, produce, and commercialize them every day.

This is what we care about

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Our DNA at G+D

Learn about the multiple ways we take responsible business seriously: from fair dealings with employees, customers, and suppliers to dozens of eco-initiatives.