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Backed by the G+D Group and the European Investment Bank (EIB), G+D Ventures is a financially-oriented VC. We are a theme-driven investor, focusing on early-stage companies, whose innovations promote and protect trust in digital ecosystems.

About Us

The G+D Ventures team

G+D Ventures is active since 2018 and founded by experienced Venture Capitalists. We are a theme-driven investor focusing on growth-oriented companies, whose innovations promote and protect trust in our society. With this goal in mind, we established a €50m co-investment vehicle with the European Investment Bank and G+D, dedicated to investing in early-stage European TrustTech startups. We designed this fund to move quickly, driven by financial returns while leveraging the support of G+D’s business units. With the G+D Group’s backing and decades of venture capital investing experience in both financial and corporate settings, we leverage our unique, global trust network to open doors for our portfolio companies.


TrustTech expands the traditional definition of cybersecurity to include technologies that promote trust across all layers of our digital ecosystem: infrastructure, identity, regulation and ethics.

Individuals, businesses, governments and devices are all interconnected, storing and exchanging sensitive information with each other in everyday activities. We call this giant mesh of devices the trust backbone of our society, which includes the following layers:

Digital Infrastructure

Enables the exchange of data between parties. Examples of technologies present on this layer are cybersecurity, secure data collaboration, and privacy-preserving techniques.


Ensures only authorized parties participate in the data exchange. Examples include know-your-customer, authentication, identification.


Enforces laws and regulations to protect the rights of transacting parties and defends the society from fraudulent and criminal activity. Examples are anti-money laundering and anti-fraud solutions.


Observes and maintains societal values not explicitly protected by laws and regulations. Examples are deepfake detection and fake news detection technologies.

Investment Strategy

Focus Area

TrustTech in Europe


Series A
Selectively Series B

Ticket Size

EUR 500k - EUR 3m
(with additional allocation for follow-on investments)


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Smart Money

We leverage our deep domain knowledge and decades of VC experience to help our startups make the right decisions to move forward.

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Unique Network

We draw on G+D’s trust network and our own specialized TrustTech network to connect our startups with the right people. Our ecosystem of CISOs, universities, clients, partners and internal experts opens the doors to new ideas and markets.

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We are highly involved with our startups and serve as a sounding board to founders and management on company building and scaling.


With decades of VC experience in both financial and corporate settings, our team is dedicated to supporting our entrepreneurs through all the stages of their startup journey.

Dr. Michael Hochholzer, Managing Director G+D Ventures
Dr. Michael Hochholzer

Managing Director

Assaf Shamia, Investment Partner, G+D Ventures
Assaf Shamia

Managing Director

Andreas Barthelmes, Investment Associate, G+D Ventures
Andreas Barthelmes

Investment Manager

Alberto Pérez Arranz, Investment Manager, G+D Ventures
Alberto Pérez Arranz

Investment Manager

Ena Beširević

Investment Analyst


Logo of brighterAI

Deep natural anonymization for privacy in video data

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Mobile application protection solutions

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Advanced Network Analytics and Simulation Software

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Identity Verification-as-a-Service (IVaaS) solutions

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Nano Corp

Securing digital infrastructure

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Anti-money laundering automation solutions

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SecDataOps: data fabric for cybersecurity

Logo of verimi

Digital Ident-Hub and Wallet-as-a-Service solutions

Logo of Yields

(AI) Model Risk Management



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Metaco (acquired by Ripple)

The foundation for digital assets


Environment, Social, and Governance

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G+D Ventures is committed to incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance factors into our investment decisions. Please refer to our ESG Policy for more details and inquiries.


Giesecke+Devrient Ventures GmbH
c/o Andreas Barthelmes
Prinzregentenstr. 161
81677 Munich

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