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Powering payments, powering customer relationships

When looking at financial institutions and their customers, there is no more tangible representation of their relationship than the payment card. Every time the customer uses the card to pay, that relationship is reinforced. It’s more than just a transactional arrangement, in turn, it became a social symbol and statement for both the banks and their customers.

While payment cards are widely adopted across the globe, they can still be so different from each other. Cards that support their users’ sustainable lifestyles through recycled or industrial compostable material; or cards made of metal that reinforce a customer’s sense of being valued by their financial services firms, or even cards that use biometric smart technology to authenticate payments - all of these are possibilities. And all of these show your customer how you want them to feel about your business. It’s more than just a card; it’s a gateway to a better, more personalized banking experience.  

For banks and other financial services businesses, perfecting the card issuance and usage experience is crucial to both curating an outstanding customer experience and securing customer loyalty.  

G+D is one of the leading providers of payment offerings, with a strong emphasis on securing transactions in both the online and offline space.

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Pledge 2030

Pledge 2030 - end the use of virgin plastic

End the use of virgin plastic in payment card products by 2030

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) pledges to replace all virgin plastic in its payment card products latest by 2030 to further enable consumers and banks to fulfill their own sustainability aspirations. G+D is the first in the payment industry to make such a commitment and we expect the industry to follow suit. Download our infographic now.

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Fintech offerings

For Fintechs to succeed, understanding the underlying payments landscape is as key as working with the right partner: G+D and Fintechs, a partnership for success!

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More Accessible Payments Offering

Explore a suite of card, digital and onboarding solutions that can help you to deliver a more accessible, convenient and secure payment experience to your end-customers. Another step toward social sustainability in your ESG journey!

G+D – your most reliable & creative card partner

As card issuance experts, G+D supports banks and financial intermediaries around the world with every part of their issuance journeys. Drawing on this experience, we’ve built tools and services to enhance each part of this experience, from consultative issuance deployment solutions to sophisticated digital services to optimize the customer experience.  

This range of solutions allows businesses that work with us to choose the services that work for them, tailoring their offering to meet their – and their customers’ – needs. Today, we see that our clients are more and more looking for services that work together to support both physical and digital banking services – phygital solutions for a phygital world. 

Building the banking services of today – and tomorrow.

As well as providing superior card issuance services, we work with financial institutions of all shapes and sizes to create cutting-edge solutions that meet every payment challenge. Whether it’s specific digital tools to streamline customer onboarding or value add services to make their most important customers feel special – we understand your business, your needs and your market.

Products and solutions

Metal credit cards from G+D
Metal Cards

Are you looking for decisive components in the race to win and retain valuable, affluent customers? Our metal cards enable issuing banks to differentiate their first-class service with a physical symbol and provide customers with solid, tangible proof of their value to the bank.

A man holding a G+D Ceramic payment card
Convego® Ceramic

Create unforgettable payment experiences with a card skillfully crafted from premium materials, perfectly designed to engage and delight your most valuable customers.

G+D credit cards: Convego Parley Ocean, Convego Natural and Convego Recycled
Convego® Beyond

We believe that the power for change lies in the hands of the consumer, and the power to shape a new consumer mindset towards a more sustainable lifestyle also lies in our hands.

A customer pays for her purchase in a clothing store contactless with the Convego You credit card
Convego® YOU

The payments ecosystem is vast and diverse. Different devices, new form factors, innovations in card materials. But methods of authenticating identity have largely lacked that breadth of choice – until now. Introducing Convego YOU: the card that knows you.

A businessman pays contactless with his credit card in a restaurant
Inside the Card: Industry Standards

We offer card solutions that meet all required standards. E.g., EMV®, but also customized or for regional needs. White label solutions are also part of our offer.

Different layouts of G+D credit cards
Convego® Factors

Cards with a memorable look and feel offer an ideal opportunity to establish, differentiate and maintain a close relationship with your customer. With the Convego Factors card portfolio, G+D is happy to assist you in creating and launching your new line of unique, never-before-seen cards.

Witness the entire card manufacturing process firsthand

The Card Journey

Do you want to know how G+D manufactures payments cards? 

Now you have the opportunity to learn about the entire card manufacturing process without having to visit our factories. Through this virtual factory tour, 'The Card Journey,' you can discover, in an engaging way with videos, images, and animations, the different phases of the card manufacturing process, from the preparation of the designs to the implementation of the chip and other security elements.

Access The Virtual Tour

Explore our contactless ticketing products

A woman pays for her ticket on a public transportation system by holding her credit card up to a card reader
Transit Card

Inspire your customers with simplified ticket purchasing, straightforward processing of monthly passes, subscriptions and other tickets to make riding subways, buses, streetcars and other means of transportation more convenient, faster and more attractive.


Explore our card issuance services

Woman types her credit card details into her smartphone

Card issuance services

With our card issuance solutions and services, you can deliver a truly differentiated customer experience across both physical and digital touchpoints. All the while, you have full control, visibility, and traceability across the complete issuance process.


More insights into smart cards

Abstract representation of a fingerprint made of differently shaped plastic parts

How biometric payment cards benefit banks

Driven by an increase in the use of contactless payments, which has been turbocharged by Covid-19, biometric technology embedded in credit and debit cards offers a number of advantages.


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