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Receive comprehensive support with customized service solutions

You can have optimal performance, or you can have unexpected downtimes – but you can’t have both. If cash handling is to continually meet high security requirements and achieve high productivity levels, unexpected stoppages and technical faults must be reduced. Ensure optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your systems – and maximize both efficiency and security – with our smart service solutions.

Long-term customer satisfaction and a long life for your cash management systems and solutions are our priorities at G+D. Which is why we offer convenient remote troubleshooting for our products and solutions to help customers in more than 130 countries achieve maximum productivity and uninterrupted performance. With more than 1,400 service experts around the world, support is never far. You can benefit from our worldwide knowledge at any time. Constant machine health monitoring, analysis, and predictive maintenance minimize downtime, while technology and software updates mitigate any potential problems in advance. And, when repairs are necessary, we have ten repair centers to get your machines up and running securely – and at peak performance.

Comprehensive services that offer anything you need – and nothing you don’t.


Our service solutions are here for you

The premium G+D quality doesn’t end with the delivery of our products – that’s just the beginning. Our service solutions come from a single source and ensure your product is reaching optimal performance across its entire lifecycle. Find out more about how our personal, experienced and flexible support can help you.

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Plan & install

Smooth operation starts with professional planning. Our professionals advise you on how to seamlessly install your system to ensure optimal system efficiency and reliability from the outset. 

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Operate & maintain

Our range of customer-oriented maintenance services and genuine, manufacturer-certified spare parts ensure you remain on-site, on-time and on-budget.

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Maximize productivity by contacting our technical experts and receive the support you need at any time, anywhere in the world.

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Our modular training sessions and experienced trainers provide you with the specific expertise you need to take full advantage of the performance potential of our systems.

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From new banknote series to the identification of counterfeits and precise fitness verification, our adaptation professionals ensure your machine always uses the latest technology.

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Identify problems before they happen and drive greater system availability and reliability with our digital monitoring and data management services.

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Updates and upgrades

From simple updates to complete overhauls on your product, our upgrades on software or hardware ensure you always stay up-to-date and maintain maximum efficiency and security.

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Business portal

Featuring a spare parts catalog and an asset manager, our web shop saves you time on ordering and delivery and allows you to manage existing stock and access resources at any time.


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Our services

The full spectrum of services for optimal use of our banknote processing systems.

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If you have any questions about our end-to-end business solutions or about our SecurityTech company, seek expert advice, or want to give us your feedback, our team is here to support you, anytime.