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A designer designs a banknote with different motifs

Tell your story in beauty and security

Banknotes do more than unite aesthetics with security, fine arts with material science. Above the substrate, alongside the security features, each banknote tells a story. Your story. A unique tale of your country, its people, and its culture, represented through art, color, and design.

Seamlessly marrying aesthetics and functionality in a way that helps represent your country is at the core of our modern banknote design within Advanced Currency Management offering. From the outset, our processes seek to capture the essence of your national identity in the most visually appealing way, while at the same time meeting your specific cash cycle requirements and the highest levels of security and efficiency. Our experts analyze cash cycles, identify essential features, and integrate functional elements into a harmonious design, ensuring that your banknotes are not only beautiful, but also resistant to counterfeit attacks.

We build in striking and machine-readable features that enable authenticity and condition checks. What’s more, we focus on guaranteeing reliable and cost-effective production from the very start.
Ready to stand out from the crowd? Eye-catching, high-grade banknote designs – which are not only secure but also integrated with other players in the ecosystem – are a sure way to make your mark.

Every banknote tells a story. We’re ready to write yours.

Our solutions

A designer sketches a historical banknote motif on the tablet

Graphical banknote artwork

Our artists design notes that reflect the appropriate culture and appeal to our appreciation for aesthetics: with trusted patterns and harmoniously integrated security features

Functional banknote design

We analyze our customers’ various cash cycle requirements and integrate functional elements into the overall graphical concept, whilst always remaining focused on efficient and secure production.

More insights into Banknote Security

Designer creates new motif for a banknote

How we make banknotes a secure and lasting work of art.

Banknotes are more than just official documents that are used as a legal means of payment; they are calling cards for a country, and reflect its culture and tradition. When designing a banknote, content and aesthetics must be visually harmonized and combined with functionality, all on a very small area.


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Cover of the brochure "Every banknote tells a story"

Every banknote tells a story

What’s one of the best and most concise ways to express your country’s culture and history? The design of your banknotes. Because they tell a story – yours.

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