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Access your banknote-production needs from a single source

What does it take to create a high-quality banknote? Advanced forgery-proof technology? Yes. Durable and resistant substrates? Sure. Sophisticated production methods? Of course. You can rely on our high-tech solutions – ranging from banknote printing to plant engineering – to ensure currency security and availability worldwide. But there’s more: we also regularly review our production processes and materials to foster sustainability and resource efficiency.

As one of the leading private banknote manufacturers worldwide, we have produced currencies for more than 100 countries. Our holistic approach helps to blend beauty and security in each of the six billion banknotes we print every year. G+D’s experts ensure that your country’s banknotes can easily combine anti-counterfeiting security with automation capacity, durability, and aesthetics. We bring together innovative, high-tech processes with outstanding craftsmanship and decades of experience.

Looking for range? Our comprehensive outlook combines all production steps under one roof. This includes everything from substrates, security features, and printed and finished banknotes, to incidentals such as printing plates, screens, and ink. Furthermore, we build components and turnkey plants for paper and foil production as well as banknote printing plants. Choose from a spectrum of standardized and customized solutions to enhance your banknote production. And benefit from additional support services, from ancillary and logistics support to personalized consultancy and managed services, such as single note inspection. Whatever your needs, our comprehensive Advanced Currency Management solution offering makes the entire process more reliable, cost effective, and sustainable.

The life of a banknote is tough. Mitigate this challenge with quality by design.

Our solutions

View of the printing rollers of a machine for producing banknotes

Quality leader in banknote printing

Banknotes are like a country's business card and their unique properties including color-shift, tactile, and interactive elements enable them to be authenticated and mechanically processed.

Watermark of the number 100 and a shell, next to it a security thread


Banknotes and passports and more. We use cutting-edge technology to produce banknote and security paper for documents that convey value, identity and confidence.

Close up of water drops beading on a banknote

Raw materials and more

Whether it’s printing plates, screens, inks or foils, we supply banknote and security printers with high-quality components and incidentals, and support them in resource planning.

View into the interior of a machine in which a banknote is being x-rayed

100% banknote quality

Before the finished banknotes leave the printing plant, they undergo single note inspection, ensuring flawless notes enter circulation.

High-tech system for paper and foil production

Plant engineering for paper and foil

We engineer customized high-tech systems for paper and foil production – from individual components to turnkey plants.

Plant engineering for banknote and security printing

We consult central banks, as well as banknote and security printers worldwide, in process automation, including the planning and implementation of advanced components and complete plants.

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