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Fast, simple, and digital – "Digital first" is customer first

Customer experience needs to be at the center of your digital strategy. "Mobile first" became a slogan in the early days of the mobile device era. Today, "Digital first" is a paradigm that is changing today’s world.

The "Digital first" trend is guiding those financial institutions that want to provide extraordinarily convenient and seamless payment solutions, and boost activation as well as credit card and debit card transaction rates. We offer a secure, end-to-end banking experience throughout the customer lifecycle, providing digitalized services that are ahead of the competition. These digital bricks are enabling the consumer to immediately start transacting both in ecommerce and card present/POS use cases.

By adopting our "Digital first" service offering, you can benefit from:

  • Creating a seamless digital experience that fosters customer loyalty
  • Increasing instant card activation and transaction rates with debit and credit cards
  • Supporting multi-channel issuance, and blending digital and physical issuance
  • Providing out-of-the-box offerings for banking and issuance as a processing service

In short, "Digital first" is an important consumer trend in the payment ecosystem that has been growing progressively stronger. Recent experience, better technology, and deeper levels of adoption in society of that tech, have brought great changes in consumer expectations, and how service providers seek to fulfill them. G+D’s consistent product suite around "Digital first" just recently got certified as the Mastercard Digital First Integrator.


Digital First: Elevating every payment experience

Digital First is an important consumer trend in the payment ecosystem. G+D’s Digital First solutions offer a secure, end-to-end banking experience throughout the customer lifecycle, providing digitalized services. The Digital First approach suits those financial institutions that want to provide extraordinarily convenient and seamless payment solutions, boosting activation, customer experience and credit and debit card transaction rates. Read here how it works with G+D.

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G+D is “Established Leader” in Modern Issuance Competitor Leaderboard by Juniper

Ranked as top leading vendor for modern card issuance, G+D scored highly on Juniper Research’s Competitor Leaderboard for Modern Card Issuance Vendors. G+D especially scored high in the "Product & Position” section from "covering segments", "depth of offering" up to "creativity and innovation". In particular, Juniper noted G+D’s very successful transition to digital channels, and its ability to operate both inside and outside many different banking IT systems.

Have a look at our ready-to-implement G+D Portfolio

Dive deeper into G+D's products and solutions – and also our products from Netcetera.

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Convego® CloudPay HCE

G+D’s wallet solution has been conferred the Platinum Award in the Best Digital Wallet category sponsored by Juniper Research. With its easy implementation and simple scalability, it has the potential to win your consumers’ hearts.

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Convego® Service Broker

Service Broker, our cloud-based solution acts as a tokenization service aggregator, enabling you to effortlessly integrate with a plethora of token service providers as well as a diverse variety of wallet providers, merchants, and devices. 

A banking app can be seen on a smartphone screen
Convego® Token Cockpit

Elevates the capabilities of mobile wallets by empowering customers with visibility and control over their digital payment credentials.

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Convego® AUTH-U

Transforms two-factor authentication into one effortless action. With passwordless authentication, outpace fraud, meet regulations, and elevate the customer experience.

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Convego® tap

Our latest innovation allows your cardholders to continue relying on the card that they already have at hand. Strong Customer Authentication use scenarios can be accessed with a single tap on their mobile device.

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Convego® Card Credentials

With Convego® Card Credentials, we bring digital and physical card issuance together. Our solution enables issuers to instantly display a digital card within their mobile banking app.

Superior issuance services to boost customer relationships

Today modern bank customers expect secure, convenient, and speedy service configured to their needs and lifestyle. We understand the pressure that creates that for you. With our support, you can meet these expectations by delivering highly secure, quality products in the shortest possible time. We provide one-stop-shop service to handle your project – from development, customization, and production through to packaging and secure delivery.

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Managed card issuance

Our managed card issuance frees up time so you can focus on your core business and your customer relationships.

3d model of a pay3d model: two persons sitting together with a payment card in the backgroundment card and two persons sitting together
Issuance for partner

Our scalable Convego® issuance partner solutions enable you to access a wide range of our card services – including a unified software environment for the shop floor.

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Instant issuance

We offer self-service solutions for your customers or fit-for-purpose issuance services for offshore locations and your branches.

Smart issuance

Our next-generation card issuance platform brings an open environment and covers smart services and solutions for increased flexibility, transparency, and connectivity.

More insights into the "Digital first" approach

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G+D selected as Mastercard Engage Digital First Integrator

G+D has expanded its role in the Mastercard Engage network and has become a Digital First integrator to enable seamless and secure Digital First payment solutions.

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Go Digital First: make phygital work

Digital First needs to be part of every bank’s phygital strategy. Tech-savvy customers demand as much in their search for the best experience.

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Digital payment solutions again win innovation awards from Juniper Research

Juniper Research has awarded two solutions from G+D with the "Future Digital Award for Payment Innovation".

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Why APIs are essential to banks’ digital hopes

Banking is going digital and, in order to deliver the products and services that customers expect, banks need to focus on developing an API strategy.

A man holds his credit card in one hand and his smartphone in the other

Mastercard approves G+D as Digital Activity Customer

G+D has been granted approval by Mastercard as a Digital Activity Customer. According to G+D’s legacy in innovating and securing payment ecosystems, this cooperation with Mastercard is another successful part of the long-term strategy in creating confidence and establishing strong partnerships.

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